Monday, 29 April 2013

Quick review - MUA power pout

Hello my beauties!

I'm going to do a quick review on the new lip tint/balm pen by the amazing and affordable brand MUA.

The new power pout lip tints are very similar to the Revlon Just Bitten and the Jelly Pong Pong pens , but half of the price.

The pens
I love these pens, and to top it off - some of them are named after Beyonce singles! Which I find pretty cute.
They smell alot like mints, which I weidly like about these products because it 'could' make your lips smell minty fresh.
However, the stain is not long lasting - which unfortunatly is the downside to these pens. But when there this cheap, you can't complain!
The colour are very weareble, with nudes, oranges and pinks; which are luckily colours that suit my skin tone.
The pens can be purchased online or directly at your local Superdrug.
What are your favourite lip pens?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Website of the Week: Fragrance Direct

Hello Gorgeous!

Do you like beauty bargains?

Good, because you are reading the right post.

I love make up. In fact, you could say I am a little bit obsessed. I can just walk into boots or superdrug and pick up a new lipstick just because I don't think I have that colour.

However, I have found a new site to help my cravings with make up. Fragrance Direct is a website that deals with delivering discounted fragrances to people like me and you.

I however, use it to get the best price out of quality products such as Essie nail polish and Dainty Doll products.

Essie nail polishes are pretty expensive at a rate of £7.99 per polish, and i'm afraid I really cannot justify that. On Fragrance Direct, the polishes are only £1.99! which is quite a bargain compared to the £8. The catch? there are only a selected amount of polishes - but if you check regularly you may be able to find different polishes and one you are after.

Dainty Doll is also quite expensive, and with it slowly disappearing from the market - it is becoming harder to find. Fragrance Direct have most of the products from the Dainty Doll collection at a fraction of the price.

More Bargains can be found amongst the website if you have a good look around, you never know what you may find!

Have you used this website before? What are your must-have make up bargains?

Lauren Lee, Lauren Lee ... Where have you been?

Hello my gorgeous readers!

I have become a busy bee over the last few months ... Well, since the beginning of this year to be fair and I want to tell you about my reasons why I have been so busy.

Because I commute for university everyday, I found it a real struggle to make new friends as I couldn't go out whenever I wanted to. I work most weekends and I find it a real struggle to keep up with my social life.

However, over the last few months I have become close to 4 amazing individuals - Laura Hartley, Stephanie Mullholland, Emily Oakden and last but not least Vicky Muxlow. So, I am going to explain why these girls are the reason for my absence.


Laura Hartley: The first girl I actually got close to, and the mummy of the group. This girl is constantly bubbly no matter how she may be feeling inside. She is kind hearted and is always the one to make everyone laugh. Addicted to sport, I know one day she will make a great sports journalism - I mean, come on? How many women do you see kicking guy's butts with the amount of sports knowledge she knows.


Stephanie Mullholland: Steph, where do I start with you? you are the one that I am so close to. Literally  my boyfriend actually thinks were lesbians we are that close! You are there whenever I need you, you have helped me accomplish so much; like my blog and other journalistic opportunities. I know times have been rough for you this past few months, but I know that from now on everything will sort itself up. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be spending the summer with you in Oxford and attending the Y Not festival.

Emily Oakden: Oh, how you make me giggle! another girl I am really close to - my gym buddie who I can literally tell anything to. You are such a nice girl who really does deserve to meet the Queen - and I know for a fact that you will live that dream. I cannot wait for the day that I am sat there, reading your views about the latest Monarch or what Prince Harry did today. Keep making me giggle girl! and stop air-brushing me ;) #Mandyloyal

Vicky Muxlow: My tanning buddy who I actually got really close to when you were seemingly drunk on your birthday! A night in which you decided to spill the tea I had freshly made down your leg because it was rubbish :( I am extremely jealous of your body (damn cakes!) and I know one day you will make a fabulous journalist! You always make me smile and I cannot wait for another night out with you :)

These girls are the reason why I make the effort to go to university everyday  the reason that I haven't dropped out and one of the reasons why I find a reason to smile everyday. I cannot wait for another cocktail night out with you all. I love you dearly!

Have you ever find yourself that close to your friends their like family?

Fashion: My favourite pieces!

Hello Beautifuls!

I haven't done a fashion piece for a while, So I thought I'd share the items I am Loving this summer!

New Look - £24.99

Aaa piece that I am so excited to wear a pair of dungarees! If you want a piece that will remind you of a hazy summer day when you were a child, these will certainly do the trick! I decided to purchase a light pair of short dungarees with a slight acid wash because I think it will be easier to incorporate these into my wardrobe. I think I'll probably wear this with a plain white crop top (or any other plain crop top for that matter!) and maybe my white converse for a cute, laid back look. Or, a checked shirt with a cute pair of ankle boots. Of course, there are lots of different style of dungarees at the moment; floral, long, short, striped! So there is a variety of dungarees to play about with. 

Crop Tops - £8

I love crop tops, they are a huge 80s'/90's flashback and whenever I seem to wear one my mum always ends up telling me about how she used to wear them when she was my age. I love the fact that they can be worn on a night out or more casually depending how you wear them. As suggested above, I'm going to wear these with dungarees and I love teaming up my black long sleeved crop top with a bright blue midi skirt or wearing a crop top with a design on, such as the one above, with either a pair of disco pants or a pair of ripped jeans

Midi Skirts - £12.99

Since it's becoming warmer (and my legs are finally turning a nice, brown shade!) I think its time to start wearing the skirts again. Midi skirts, like a crop top, can be warn either casually or more formally. I really like this skirt by because it is really bold and can be styled with a plain crop top (yes, I am obsessed with crop tops!) With the midi skirts, I think the bolder the better as it will make more of a statement and will become easier to style around!

Midi Dresses
OMG Fashion - £15

There really is an obsession with medium length skirts and dresses at the moment, which I am not complaining about as it shows the more 'classier' and 'sophisticated' side of women. The midi dress can be styled for both day and night purposes - which is really great because I love this style of dress. Like the style above, the dress can have quite a 'fun', 'pop arty' feel to it which makes it really fun and is definitely a statement piece. However, there is lots of variety of midi dresses like tie dye, plain with long sleeves or printed. I usually wear my tie-dye midi dresses with a pair of tan sandals and my vintage leather jacket

What is your favourite piece for this summer?

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Review: The Mrs Carter Show

Beyonce. The Queen B. The woman that, from last night, I inspire to be.

I am not a 'super' fan of Beyonce, I adore her music! But, I'm not overly obsessed.

But when I heard that she was hitting the UK - I found myself needing a ticket. Come on, how many times do you see Beyonce tour Britain?!


So, I tried twice for tickets; once with O2 priority moments (for which I was unsuccessful) and once on the general release. I couldn't contain my excitement when I managed to purchase two tickets for me and my younger sister.

And the day finally came; two train tickets and a hotel room later and I was queuing outside the LG Arena. After seeing Katy Perry live, I got the gist that you have to go to the arena pretty early in order to get the best standing places for the concert. Even when we queued two hours earlier, I believed that we were right back of the queue as I couldn't even see the arena doors!

Oh, how I was wrong. A few minutes before the opening of the doors, I saw a mass of people queuing behind me - I'm talking at least 1,000 (which gave me some hope that we could be near the front). So, after 3 hours of queueing, we managed to get to the barrier - which me and Elysse were pretty stoked about!

However, The concert started a little late - but that didn't effect the quality of the show. The Support act, Luke James, was absolutely incredible. His sexy vibe could be felt through all the arena- winning the hearts of all the women. If he does decide to break Britain, I can promise you he'll be a huge success. His performance reminded me a lot of a mixture between Jason Derulo and Nelly - a sexy, sultry vibe that is regularly produced by new, upcoming artists.

Luke James

Finally, after a short interval and with an impatient atmosphere being created, Beyonce entered the stage with a bang. Using the ideology of the Gothic, a screen was filled of similar images from her original tour advert (ofcourse!) which shows, to me, the power that Beyonce has and the comfort she has with her sexuality.

Opening with 'Run the World' Beyonce began to please the crowd with her presence, sending people wild and actually causing people to faint. She was breath-taking, pure elegance and sass - simply amazing. The excitement drawn by this performance gave a promising outlook at the whole performance.

She sang some of the classics, including 'Single Ladies', 'Irreplaceable' and 'Crazy in Love' and some of her new songs including 'Grown Woman' which features on the Pepsi advert. 

The team, which consisted of an all female cast, put on a great performance. The back-up singers 'The Mamas' were loved by the audience, and are favourites of Beyonce as they have appeared in some of her past concerts.

Such creativity went into producing the show, producing the message of 'power to women' which is incredible. She shows that all woman have a sort of power; through sexuality and independence. This message really stuck with me and is very inspiring. The show even showed some personal images of Beyonce and her daughter; which is very different from a very private Beyonce.

Here are a few images of the show:

Beyonce performing 'Run the World'

If I were a Boy ...

Beyonce owning the stage

Brilliant interaction with the audience

I am ... Sasha Fierce

My Favourite Image of Beyonce

Grown Woman (curtosy of Elysse)

Just .... wow (curtosy of Elysse)

Overall, the concert was amazing, inspiring and a lifetime experience. You can tell Beyonce loves what she does - the energy created by her and the audience made an amazing atmosphere. The fact that she included most of her greatest hits justifies the fact that, unless you live in a shell,you cannot escape from her music. And even if you are not a super fan, like myself, you will still be able to sing and dance to her music. If you ever get the opportunity to see Mrs Carter - I strongly advise you do. It's an experience I'll never forget.

Have you ever seen Beyonce live? What's your favourite concert experience?

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The day I met a prince ...

Hello my Lovelies!

Friday, was one of those days that only happen once in a blue moon. In the city of Nottingham, his royal highness Prince Harry came to visit the town folk; in which he opened a charity and also visited Confetti who are also in partnership with our university to create Nottingham TV!

The Prince's cheeky grin

Our day started by waiting outside the Confetti studios from 11:45. At this point the crowd was quite small, meaning that we were able to get a brilliant shot of the Prince when he arrived. Soon, the crowds began to grow - and entertainment was introduced in the form of delicious cupcakes! yum!

My first sighting on Prince Harry

By the time 1:45 came along, the crowd had grown to over 500 people - and also included one owl and one white dog (so adorable). The crowd anticipated the presence of Harry, and with him already being 15 minutes late - excitement was becoming heightened. Out of the blue, a white Jaguar had turned onto the street and uproar was created through the crowd as we all seeked of a sight of prince Harry.

Unfortunately, he was swiftly moved inside for an hour to do things such as Djing, playing on a game which had his face on and creating a short film scene. This could all be seen on a big scene, which was open for the public. 

When he did eventually come out, the crowd once more went crazy as he began to shake hands with citizens. He was only a few metres away and I managed to talk some great photos of him.
The Prince with The Nottingham Post

I do love Prince Harry; all his work for the deprived families really hits the right message out to the public and reminds us all of the work that his mother - the late and great Princess Diana - did for the people of England. This day will forever be a favourite of mine - and I will hopefully be able to meet Prince William and Kate one day - one day ....

Have you ever met any Royalty? 

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

My developing life as a Journalist

Hello my beauties!

This past few months at university have been rather chaotic; one 2,000 word essay talking about council tax, developing my writing skills to be able to successful write decent articles and enjoying the social aspect by celebrating life with the four most amazing girls!

This month, my first article was published - and if you follow me on Facebook or Twiiter, you'll know how exstatic I have been. The article was about the guys who produced 'Feel the Love' Rudimental and I was successful enough to interview one of the band members Piers Agget. I absolutely loved interviewing him and he was exceptionally understandable when I began to stutter and get nervous.

Last Friday, I finally saw my article in full in The Nottingham Post which is Nottingham's local newspaper. Talk about a proud journalistic moment!

I then found out that my article was being used into today's East Midlands Metro, which is absolutely phenomenal as it won't just be hitting Nottingham, but my hometown Derby and Leicester.

I wouldn't change this lifestyle for the world as it has opened so much more opportunities than I ever imagined. And for that, I'm so grateful!

However, I am going to dedicate my weekend to reviewing more stuff for this blog and I am going to run a competition!

I feel like I've been slacking on the blog, and I think it's time we had some 'me time'
Hope you are all well, and have a lovely day!


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Monday, 22 April 2013

Review: Debenham's Flowers and Sanctuary Gift set

Every girls loves gifts; whether its a box of chocolates or a new pair of high heels.

Me - I'm one of the many stereotypical females who love nothing more than a romantic bunch of flowers.

So I was very pleased when I received the Must Have gift set from Debenhams and Sanctuary, I was thrilled to bits.

The Must Have Gift Set

The Sanctuary Gift set

The Flowers

As you can see, the flowers are absolutely gorgeous - the prettiest pink roses I have ever seen - with plant food and vase included. I received these flowers on Thursday, and the flowers are still going strong - which I think is brilliant.

Because Debenhams have teamed up with Sanctuary Spa, which sell luxury spa products for your home, one of their gift sets are included with every bunch of flowers received.

In my set, their most favoured items are included; their body wash, body scrub and body lotion. 

Although, I am yet to try these products - all my friends have recommended them and I cannot wait to try them!

Overall, I think this is a great idea! teaming up 2 great gifts into one - the perfect gift for any female (hint, hint guys!) 

Want to treat yourself or a special lady to a bunch of these? simply follow the link here and click on gift sets to select your flowers.

The flowers are priced £29.99 to £49.99 (however Exclusively with £5 off) and I can offer you, my lovely readers, an extra 20% off, simple put in the code BLOGDF20 to receive your discount*

Do you like flowers? Or do you prefer gift sets?



* offer ends 31st May 2013

Thursday, 18 April 2013

My favourite lipstick brand

Hello my lovelies,

I love lipstick. The way you can use it to complete an outfit or how it can make everyone stare at your lips - rather than your hips (;

My style is pretty simplistic - and I feel that a lipstick can make an boring, casual outfit feel more sophisticated and glamourous.

I've tried nearly every drugstore lipstick brand going - maybelline, 17, revlon etc.... And I always find myself coming back to one brand ... And that's Rimmel.

But not just any Rimmel lipstick, the Kate collection.

My main reason for liking this brand is not because I am a huge fan of Kate (although I do really like her).

I love the colours of the lipsticks;the 2 red shades she does - in her first and second range - really suit my skin tone, and give a quite matt finish.

The packaging is quite simplistic - in a black case for the first season of lipsticks and a red for the second. Both cases have the 'Kate' signature on the side - tacky but I think it adds a celebrity touch. 

The colours themselves vary from nudes such as 03 or 101 & brights such as shade 20 and 107. 

I have brought most of the bright shades, and I love them! They are so easy to work with, and have a very good lasting time of them. 

They are very affordable aswell, all under £10 which is very gentle on the pocket!

What's your favourite lipstick?


Monday, 15 April 2013


Being students is never easy on anyone’s bank account. All the nights out, the independent living and feeling like you can’t afford any luxury items anymore. Well, you can think again! After much research (and personal experiences) I am going to tell you my 3 top tips so you can afford the stuff you really want.
1. Joining ‘groupon’ sites:  Sites such as ‘wowcher’ are great places to get 50% of things that interest you. For example, when I looked at deals in Nottingham I found:
Get the stuff you want for less

All you have to do is sign up using your email, and select your location. Then every week they will send you the best deals. Another site you can use is BuyaPowa, which is a little different to Wowcher. BuyaPowa use group buying to get you the best price for an item of your choice. Your recommend an item, they will send you an email when it’s live and the more people that buy the product, the cheaper it gets.
Get the stuff you want for less

2. Check out ‘Freebie’ Sites: All across the web are sites that offer great discounts and even tell you where you can get free items. One of those sights is ‘10 ways to have more money as a student, without working’.
Get the stuff you want for lessGet the stuff you want for less

Another great site is The Social Networking Site: This site offers beauty / fashion items for up to 90% off the RRP! Which makes it a lot more purse (or wallet) friendly.
3. Want Designer? Check out T K Maxx: Now, I know that not everyone is a fan of T K Maxx but as a regular shopper there myself, I can definitely say that the company has grown and become a lot better.
Get the stuff you want for less

After a recent shop there, I brought a pair of real Kurt Geiger shoes – which would have been £140 full price – for a measly £40! Meaning I saved over 50%. Plus, they are doing more high market brands such as Jeffrey Campbell and Guess – giving you more value for your money.
Happy Saving!

I'll turn orange soon ...

Hello my Lovelies!

I'm not sure whether this is going to be more of a review or a personal experiece ...

A bit of both I think!

Anyway, if you follow my blog (which I hope you do!) you will know that I had a slight addiction to fake tanning - but I didn't like the fact that I am absolutely useless at appying the stuff and not making it streaky (It feels like I have the mssing gene :( ) So I have reverted to a new way of tanning which I know not all of you will agree with. Sunbeds.

YES! I know that they are bad for you! I only go on for a few minutes and that is it!

Me and my beautiful friend Steph decided we wanted abit more colour to our skin. After all, the British weather is never promising and a little glow couldn't hurt anyone, could it?

We decided to use the tanning salon Kwik Tan situated on Clumber Street in Nottingham. To me, It seems like a pay-as-you-go tanning salon, in which you are given a card that you can top up when you want to be a tanned diva. When you join there, you are given 6 free minutes and £20 worth of vouchers - including a 60 minutes of tanning for £10, free 6 minutes when you recommend a friend and 25% off a bottle of tanning lotion.

Now, with it being my first time - I was quite nervous, but the receptionist was kind and showed me and Steph everything we needed to know.

I can happily say that I have been back since then and developed a lovely tan!

Which, for me, is a miracle!

If you don't want to go on the sunbed, then that is entirely your choice; I just decided I wanted some colour and I will only be doing it once a week (if that).

How have you been? leave me a comment or contact me on Twitter!

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

My Geordie review!

Geordie Shore – Season 5

Where: MTV ​ ​ Time: 10 o’clock Length: 1 hour​​ Date: 19/02/2013

Geordie shore is back for its fifth season running – and this time, they’re hitting Europe.
If you are a fan of reality show TOWIE or good old Made in Chelsea, then you will love MTVs vodka-drinking, sex-driven young adults who love nothing more than getting ‘mortal’.
MTV’s cheesy-yet-addictive Geordies are back to the house after the crazy last series which introduced Dan and Scott into the crazy and dysfunctional family.
The first episode of the series opens with a big bang as the crew is reunited, getting mortal and creating absolute chaos. The usual then?
However, the Geordies are hit with some news that which shakes up the household. Anna drops the bomb that she has changed her business provocative & reveals that they will be helping entertain stags & hens at their do’s – all around Europe!
The hilarious relationship between dumb but loveable Charlotte and the ladies’ man Gary has always been a focus point on Geordie Shore, with the question of ‘Will they, Won’t they?’ being asked after Gary reveals he may actually settle down with Charlotte!
Tension is caused in the house after James starts to ignore his former ‘friends with benefits’ Holly after he fears she’ll start getting feelings for him again. Will they be able to put aside their differences for their housemate’s sake?
If you are lover are the show, then this is not one to be missed – why eye!

Philpott’s second day at court – dogging, cannabis and being a control freak

My first attempt (and assessment) of a court report :)

On the 20th day of the trial, the father of the six children who died in a house fire in Derby has admitted to having a threesome and using the class B drug, Cannabis.

Michael Philpott, 56, of Victory Road, Derby is to be on the stand for a second day at Nottingham Crown Court after being accused of killing six of his 17 children at Derby.

Jade, ten, and her brothers John, nine, Jack, eight, Jesse, six, and Jayden, five, all died from smoke related injuries caused by the house fire on Victory Road, Allenton.

Their older brother Duwayne, 13, died at hospital three days later.

Mick, wife Mairead & close friend Paul have all pleaded not guilty to killing six children that died in a house fire in the early hours of May 11th 2012.

Mick Philpott told the court how he, his wife 31-year-old Mairead and their friend Paul Mosley, 46, had a threesome hours before the fire began – labeling it as ‘degrading’ and said that it should never have happened.

However when questioned by Mr Smith, who is defending Mairead, Mick told on how he would regular go ‘dogging’ with Mairead.

He also revealed the fact that his former mistress, Miss Willis, and his wife were in a sexual relationship and would love to watch them have sex.

'It's all about L-O-V-E.'.

He told how after the threesome, he went out to fetch some cannabis for Mosley – a drug that he expressed to Judge Thirlwall he used to help ‘deal’ with what had happened.

Mr Shaun Smith then went on to ask if Mr Philpott thought he was a control freak, and enquired if Miss Willis had ‘escaped’ his grasp as it was alleged that Philpott had been extremely controlling over her and his wife – which he has strongly denied.

Revealing his true emotions, Philpott wept in the dock as he heard the tragic 999 phone call, and broke down in the docks – weeping for his children who he called ‘babies’.

The trial continues.

Do McWorkers have souls? - my first column piece

I am not the typical person you would expect to work in McDonalds. For example, you would expect a grotty, spotty faced teenager who has failed his (or her) GCSEs and will be on a minimum wage all their life.

On the contrary, I am well presented, clean faced young woman who works at the fast food chain not only to gain more cash, but to actually gain a representable work ethic. Surprising, huh?
Well, not really. The judgement of fast-food workers is unbelievable – and extremely unfair. The amount of times I have been snubbed by snobby kids is unbelievable.

To be frank, half the people who actually work at McDonalds are either students who are at university or college, or they’re trying to get another job but need money.

I remember serving one obese balding man who – because I was blonde – insinuated I was ditsy & failing at life. I soon shut him up when I told him I was at university & a student journalist.


Why judge someone who works at a fast-food restaurant? At the end of the day, you can’t be that great if you’re coming into McDonalds instead of the Ritz. Without us, you wouldn’t have your greasy Big Mac and fried fat. McBots haven’t been invented. Yet.

So next time you have a KFC or a McDonalds, treat your server with a little bit of respect. You never know what they may do to your burger.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

I'm Addicted.

Hello my Lovelies!

I come to you this late evening with a confession.

I have become a fake-tan-aholic.

Yes, it has finally happened to me, I knew it would be a matter of time before I became a wotsit.

Ok, I'm joking - it's not that extreme! ever since I became a brunette, I've wanted to try out some fake tan. Being so pale means I usually burn or turn out to be a lobster in the burning sun. Not a hot look I might add. The fake tan I have been using recently is the Make Believe Instant Tan Bronzer for Face and Body and I can happily say that I am in LOVE with the product! I saw it for £4.00 in the Boots reduced section and thought 'why not?'

                                                                  Instant Tan Bronzer Wash Off - Light / Medium

BUT I'm in need of a more permanent self tan - and unfortunately St Moriz doesn't quiet cut it for me, so any suggestions are more than welcome!

Forever Bronzed? or will I revert back to my pale ways?



Friday, 5 April 2013


Original post can be found here

Don’t let the designer price tag put you off this summer!

Every fashion student, or at least any student that is interested in fashion, dreams of having a designer wardrobe – the Chanel bag, a pair of Jimmy Choos, a Prada dress etc. However, we are stopped by one thing – the price tag. Have no fear! You can still look great whilst styling the latest High Street brands.
McQ - Alexander McQueen £1,210Oasis - £65
Graphic Content
One of the key trends this season, Graphic content can easily be worn as a dress with a simple pair of heels – or a top and plain bottoms. Alexander McQueen dress is unique with the mirrored affect highlighting the design. The Oasis dress uses an allover floral print and is a cheaper alternative to the McQueen.
Left Image: Alexander McQueen £1210 / Right Image: Oasis £65

Burberry £1, £29
The Bomber Jacket
With its new updated look, it can be easily worn. The satin look to the jacket means it can be worn with a pair of jeans or over a day dress. The Burberry jacket is made of satin and is a pastel pink. The jacket is more of a light pink, but is still a great comparison to Burberry. And at £29, it’s a steal!
Left Image: Burberry £1195 / Right Image: £29

Versace £2,555ASOS £17.50
Back to the 90′s
With the 90’s being hot on the catwalk this Spring / Summer, lots of leather / PVC dresses have come onto the market. The Versace dress, with its edgy heart and cross detailing, is very rock ‘n’ roll and definitely a head-turning piece. The ASOS dress uses studs, which have been on trend for a while now. These pieces could be styled with the Jefferey Campbells Litas (studded or not).

Left Image: Versace £2,555 / Right Image: ASOS £17.50

My verdict? Although I am a complete sucker for designer gear, the high street has definitely given them a run for their money. So, who says you can’t look a million dollars for a fraction of the price?

Website of the Week;

Hello my Lovelies!

Ever been stuck on fashion ideas to inspire your wardrobe?

On the fashion site, you can get all the fashion inspiration your heart desires!

With a handy IPhone app, this site helps you express your ideal fashion.

Whatsmore, most fashion finder sites do not show where the you can buy the piece of clothing your heart wants. LookBook caters for this and actually directs you straight to the site where you can find the item!

Go check out the site and let your fashion ideas run wild!



Apologises and something EXCITING!

Hello my Lovelies!

Firstly, I want to apologise for my non-excusable absence. I have been, well, really busy and rather lazy over the Easter Holiday period.

My main reason for this was because I celebrated my 19th birthday on Easter Sunday. Because it was Sunday, I didn't actually do anything that exciting - just some much need family time and snuggles with the boyfriend (just because I'm 19, doesn't mean I have to act like it)


My Lovely Gifts; Just Cavelli Perfume with free bag, Juicy Couture handbag, Lush gift and Easter Eggs! 

The Perfect Gift: Audrey Hepburn in all her glory

As you can see from the images above; I was pretty spoilt (no, I am NOT bragging) and I am do grateful for everything I got.

Homemade Birthday cake - Delicious!

Now, for some BIG News;

As you would have guessed from the title of this blog, I am an aspiring journalist and being a student at Nottingham Trent University has opened so many doors for me that I couldn't be more grateful. One of these opportunities really excited me and has confirm the fact that I want to become a journalist.

You may have heard of the band Rudimental with their top selling track 'Feel the Love'

Yup, thats them :)

Well ..... I can officially say that I have successfully interviewed a member of the band!

In any journalists view, this has got to be one of the highlights of my career (so far ;) ) and the article that I have written will be published in The Nottingham Post in a few short weeks.

So if you live in that area, keep a close eye on the paper! :D

I will be putting up some more posts tonight as I have the night off, so stay tuned folks!



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