Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Benefit of having good eyebrows

Hello Beautiful!

As a lover of all things to do with beauty, I tend to become fascinated with the way people approach their own looks. And, at the moment, there has been a lot of hate over the way girls address their eyebrows. For example:

Yes, I can accept that this is ridiculous. But, I believe that eyebrows have the same effect as a bold lipstick - it makes your look and defines your face. This is why I am obsessed with my brows and took drastic actions to create my dream brows. 

Previously, I actually hated my brows. They were just horrid and I now realise that I really over-shaded them in. 


On Friday, me and my good friend Emily decided to treat ourselves to getting our eyebrows done. We thought of no place better than Benefit, and we were not disappointed!

For £11.20, I had my eyebrows trimmed, waxed, shaped, plucked and filled in. I was immediately impressed! and to finish it off, I decided to tint my brows.

I decided to use Eylure Dybrow in brown to create a natural but striking look, and for £7.49 for 6 applications - I was impressed.

My finished look

If you are a virgin to getting your eyebrows done, I totally recommend the Benefit treatment the 'Benefit Brow Arch'. The staff was so helpful and I really enjoyed being pampered.

What treatments do you enjoy?

Friday, 19 July 2013

Competition time with BeTrousse

Hello my loyal readers!

Recently, I have been going through a tough personal time - meaning lack of posts. Even when I have wanted to write a blog post, my internet has decided to play up. But no fear! I am back and with a beautiful competition!

The Original Blonde Journalist has teamed up with the beauty box company BeTrousse who are giving away  one of their beauty boxes for one lucky reader!

Similar to the Glossybox, BeTrousse delivers 4 full sized products that you may have not heard of before at a small fee.

What's in the box (sorry, It won't rotate!)

In this box, you will receive JASON Normalising shampoo, Fair Naturally mango and Safflower body moisteriser, Benta Berry Facial Cleanser and Make Believe Beauty shimmer lipgloss.

How do I enter?

Go over to the BeTrousse page and give them a like, and let me know by either writing a post on this blog or over on The Original Blonde Journalist page!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Product Review - The Body Shop Face Mask

Hello beautiful!

Before using this product, I can say that I was simply a virgin when it comes to using The Body Shop products. For my price range, I have always found it really pricy and never really wanted to try the products. However, I do admire The Body Shop for its vegan-friendly products and super gorgeous scents.

I was very lucky enough to be sent two if the new packet face masks that The Body Shop has to offer and couldn't wait to give my skin a pampering!

The other day I tested out the Tea Tree face mask (£1.50) as I know that tea tree oil has a lot of good-skin ingredients to give you that healthy, feel good skin.

The packet was very generous in its amount and gave me more that enough to cover my entire face.

According to the instructions, you are advise to leave the mask on for 10 - 15 minutes, which is a much longer time frame that I'm used to. The mask went on very well and did not sting my very sensitive skin.

The results: I am actually pretty happy with the outcome! My skin feels salty, smooth to the touch and visibly clearer! With no spots to be found!

Furthermore, I would totally recommend this mask and is available to purchase in any Body Shoo store.

Have you ever tried any of The Body Shop products?


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Disney Films - Will the next generation ever understand it?

Hello Beautiful!

This is just a short post about me rambling on about my love for Disney and the challenges it faces today!

If I was to ask any child who was born in the 90's if they've ever watched a Disney movie, the answer would be 100% yes. For me, Disney had a huge impact on my life. As the first born , you could always find me watching The Lion King, The Little Mermaid or Cinderella - all classics with very important messages.

But now, as I watch my two younger sisters grow, I can't help but feel that Disney has evolved from the old Disney that I love and cherish. Yes, it may very well be because of the ever changing times - but from own personal experience I feel that children do not care about the Classic Disney - just Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.

I could still find me to this day snuggling in bed watching Disney films - especially The Lion King. Now, I'm unsure if it's because the film was created the year I was born; or my obsession for cats, but I cannot help but adore everything about this movie! The message 'Hakuna Matata' is something I do live by, and the idea that you can move on from even the worst of times and carry on your dreams - Well, I think this message is extremely important for children today.

However, I worry that some children do not enjoy Disney the way my generation do. Instead, they focus on the new Disney - which includes Miley Cyrus. Yes, she is an amazing young lady (and I do love the new hairdo)  but now I worry 'Is she that good of a role model now?' Maybe, maybe not.

Do you enjoy Disney? What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Apology for my absence!

Hello beautiful!

I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine, because I know I have been. This is just a short post to say sorry for the lack of post over the last 2 weeks - last week I was at work for 6 days and the other days have been filled with family catch ups and receiving come great news! On Saturday, I found out that I have passed my first year of university with a 2:1 - and I am so happy with this news! And for all my lovely followers, I will be running a competition soon in partnership with Betrousse - so stay tuned for that!

Enjoy the sun guys!


Monday, 1 July 2013

June Favourites

Hello Darlings!

June has been a very interesting month for me; officially finishing my first year at University and it's first set of exams, having to say goodbye to some amazing ladies and working towards a promotion at work. The weather has been amazing! meaning I have changed my winter make up look, to a bronzed diva summer look. Here are a few of favourites of the June month:

Benefit's Sunbeam Highlighter

This bronze-tinted highlighter is definitely a must for any summer look. Similar to the top-selling High Beam, I find this highlighter easily blendable and gives your face a lovely glow. I have never used highlighters before I brought this item, and I really am enjoying using it! I dot it along my jawline, nose, eyebrows and above my lip - blending it with my foundation brush. If you are looking for a cheap, alternative highlighter MUA do a lovely powder highlighter in their 'Undress Me' range.

Nanshy Face Brushes

Nanshy Foundation Brush Set

As detailed in my last post, I really do love these brushes! Soft but stiff, these brushes give me a flawless finish in seconds! Just remember to put on a primer before foundation to give you that extra staying power.

MAC 'Riri Woo' Lipstick

Rihanna and her lipstick 

Me wearing the lipstick 

Yes, I am a sucker for red lipsticks. However, this is my first purchase of a MAC lipstick. I am so happy with my purchase and cannot wait buy more MAC lipsticks! It is a deep red, but I do like the colour against my skin tone. It is also a semi-matt lipstick,  also a new trend in my lipstick collection. If you want something brighter than this shade, I would recommend the sister lipstick Ruby Woo. 

Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream

£9.99 from Boots
A BB cream with a hint of bronzer? Isn't this product just made for summer!? This is officially my first BB cream and I love the idea that when I go on holiday, I can still wear a touch of make up to create a gorgeous look. The only thing I have noticed that you need to moisturise well before using this product as it seem to get darker in dry places. All in all though, brilliant product!