Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Resolutions

Hello beautiful!
💥Happy New Year💥

Firstly, a very happy new year to all my loyal readers!

Well, it has come round to that time of year again - where we all promise ourselves that we are going to become the next fitness guru and to finally find Mr Right.

When it comes to New Years Resolutions, I know a lot of people can be very sceptical about the concept of them; me being usually one of them.

However, this year is going to be a little different. This year, I have goals I want to achieve & today I am going to share my hopes for this year.

1. Get fit (or, at least toned)

To be honest, when it comes to exercise I am probably one of the laziest people going. The only sort of exercise I actually enjoy doing is a long walk through the countryside. However, this year I am taking action to get the toned body I crave. After looking at the transformation of GeordieShore's Vicky Pattison this year, I have become more determined than ever to get my dream body. Vicky has dropped 5 dress sizes this year and, I'll be honest, I have developed a huge girl crush on her body. Luckily, she has very recently released a fitness DVD, which I am going to use religiously. 

Another body crush I have is that of Jodie Marsh. If I'm honest, I've asked all of my guy friends about their thoughts on Jodie's body - and not one of them liked them, calling it too 'masculine'. However, I cannot help but admire her. The amount of effort she put in to get this body is admirable, and I want to channel this energy into becoming fit and healthy.

2. Pass my driving test

Throw those hands in the air. 😁

This has been a long time coming but, I think it is about time I passed my driving test. I will admit, I have done quite a number of lessons, but after failing my theory test (yes, you may laugh) I kind of sunk back into my shell. However, this year I want to be able to drive places - just decide one day 'Hey, lets go to Blackpool' - I love a good adventure & I feel not having this skill is definitely holding me back. 

3. Focus on my Blogging & keep up with my journalism career


I am probably one of the worst bloggers out there when it comes to delivering new posts. I have the ideas, I just never seem to gather enough time to put them in actions. However, this year I want to make sure I blog at least Twice a week, and I am going to try and make certain days for me to do so. I also want to progress as being a journalist. This year saw me conduct my own interviews with some amazing celebrities and I really do feel this is the career I belong to. I absolutely love my job.

4. Be Happy

Dont forget!

Very clichéd, but a certain must amongst my resolutions. I want to remain happy. At this moment in time, I am in a happy place - but if you asked me this a few months ago, I would tell you I was not. So this year, I will make sure I do things that make me happy - keep the loved ones close, see my friends more & treat everyday like it's my last. 2013 has definitely been an eyeopener. So lets make 2014 better.

What are your New Years Resolutions?


Review - Union J Hits Nottingham


Photo by Kevin Cooper (more at
AS one might expect from fans of an X Factor boy band with over a million Twitter followers, it was teenage screams throughout Union J’s set at the Royal Concert Hall on Sunday night, part of their first headline tour, Magazines and TV Screens.

The quartet – consisting of George Shelley, Josh Cuthbert, JJ Hamblett and Jaymi Hensley - have gone a long way since getting together on last year’s ITV talent machine, with three hit singles, a No. 6 album, two books and this 20-date headline tour that runs in to the New Year.

Turning out to see them in Nottingham was this year’s X Factor winner Sam Bailey, who had a busy time on the balcony having photos taken with fans.

Before the main event at 9pm, there were four support acts; Eylar Fox, Ollie Marland, Room 94 and Five Angels, who all had the crowd on their feet dancing along.

While the former two suited the Union J sound, Room 94 had an edgier rock sound, closer to that of Lawson and lyrics about teen romance sat well with the audience.

But they saved the hysteria for the Union J, who opened with Where Are You Now, the quartet making full use of the stage, bouncing around it and encouraging their fans to join in.

Any group with just one album to their name, needs a few extras to fill a set and in Union J’s case they were covers of Katy Perry’s Roar and One Republic’s Counting Stars.

Debut single, Carry You, the video for which was filmed in Nottingham earlier this year, sent the crowd into overdrive and even the parents were out of their seats, dancing along.

The light from a thousand phones lit up the venue as they ran through their second hit single, It’s A Beautiful Life, while latest single, Loving You Is Easy, closed the set.

The fans clearly enjoyed it but what of the group? Yesterday, Josh described it as “my favourite show of the tour so far!” on Twitter, adding: “ were insaneeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Union J have slipped right in to those pop shoes left behind by JLS and are racing after One Direction for the title of Britain’s biggest boy band.

Interview: Little Mix's Perrie Edwards

'Excited': Little Mix, with Perrie Edwards (far right).

You've just announced your second headline tour, so are you excited about getting back on the road?
We are so excited; it's going to be amazing. We're very much buzzing for this.
You came to Nottingham earlier this year on your first tour. What did you think of the city?
We loved it! We just loved it. The crowd were very loud and really up for a party. Everywhere we go our fan base is amazing; we're very lucky to have the fans we do. We just know it's going to be an amazing show and we can't wait.
Your latest album, Salute, reached number four in the chart. You must be pleased with that?
We are really proud of how it's doing. Obviously the last album (DNA) did really well in America as well as here so that was quite a big deal. Hopefully we will have the same success with Salute, or it may do even better.
What is your favourite song on the album?
(Laughs) I don't know – it changes every day. I definitely love the title track. I think that's an anthem and is going to be amazing to perform on the tour. I love Boy because of the acapella and the harmonies. I love Mr Loverboy because of its old skool feel... basically, I love all of them!
You've come a long way since the X Factor in 2011 and there has been a lot in the press about your relationship with One Direction's Zayn Malik. How do you deal with that?
Well, we have each other. We keep each other grounded. We've all got amazing families and an amazing team around – we are very lucky. We do our best to just enjoy everything. It can get tiring at times but what we live for is touring – that's what we love the most. It's the best part about this job.
You'll be playing at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball this weekend. Are you excited about that?
Yeah, I wasn't able to perform there last year so I'm very excited. I missed it because of getting my tonsils taken out and I was very poorly.
Anything you would like to say to your fans here in Nottingham?
Just a massive thank you to all our amazing fans for getting us where we are today, for helping us make another album, for getting (recent single) Move so high in the charts and hopefully I will see them all on tour very soon.