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A Fault In Our Stars - a short review

The Fault in Ourselves..

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Ever since Harry Potter and Twilight came onto our screens, there has been a mass influx on book-to-movie productions - especially in the teen sector.

We have had our hearts melted by Nicholas Spark's The Notebook and The Safe House (to mention just a few!) and been gripped to Suzanne Collin's The Hunger Games trilogy - all being very successful in their own right.

Books-to-movie adaptations have especially captivated the imaginations of teenagers - and with it becoming increasingly difficult to

This year, the world has been buzzing about John Green's A Fault In Our Stars - a story following the life of 16-year-old Hazel Lancaster who is a long-term sufferer of cancer who meets 17-year-old Augustus Waters, who has recovered from the big 'C' and change's Hazels world forever.

As someone who has read the book as well as seeing the film at the cinema, I can tell you this is no ordinary 'cancer' story.

It gives a refreshing and very honest view of cancer from a teenagers perspective and how, as we can imagine, the future can seem very bleak in the eyes of a terminally ill child.

With the novel, I found myself both laughing and crying - with Hazel'd wit and Gus's charm, I slowly found myself falling in love with both of the characters and never wanted the book to end.

I'm a sucker for a romantic novel, and A Fault In Our Stars definitely delivered.

So, I decided to read the novel before actually going to see the film because I always believe that the book is better than the film (unless you are The Game of Thrones, then you are just as good!)

My thoughts on the movie? Like I expected, the film was great - but missed out key bits/characters! (The film was 2 hours long, so this can be expected)

Shailene Woodley, who plays Hazel in the adaptation, perfected the role - and really made the audience feel the emotions she wanted to project onto them. 

The same with Ansel Elgot, who plays the incredible Gus, and you do find yourself falling in love with the character. 

I recommend this film to anyone who wants a romantic comedy which will send you from hysterics to tears in such a short space of time. And with the film being male friendly, you can bring the male in your life to watch the film (see how long it takes for them to cry!)

RATING: 8/10

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