Sunday, 30 June 2013

Make up Brush Review - Nanshy Face Brush Set

Hello Beautiful,

Brushes are a common factor in any make up collection. I know I have too many blusher brushes to care, all of which serve different purposes. Over the end of last year, I have been trying to replace my make up brushes with new, quality brushes to achieve the perfect face.

I think it's fact universally acknowledged that the whole reason for face brushes is to create a somewhat natural, flawless finish. Nanshy Face Brush Set, available at Beauty Store 4 U, gives me that flawless look I desire!

Beauty Store 4 U are an independent make up retailer who specialise in delivering cosmetics and make up tools to the public. They are also official retailers of make up brands such as Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, Real Techniques, Nanshy, Shany Cosmetics and Sonia Kashuk. 

The Brush set
The set consists of 5 brushes (L-R); a blusher brush, a highlighting brush, a foundation brush, a cream blush brush and a contouring brush. All of the brushes are made of good quality 100% cruelty free bristles, and with them being stiff yet soft create the perfect flawless finish.

I am a huge fan of the foundation brush, as it is stiff enough to create a flawless face within seconds - which I struggle to do with a normal foundation brush. However, I am yet to try contouring brushes as I need to learn to contour properly! The brush set costs £35.95, which is a reasonable price for a set of quality brushes.

Overall, I am enjoying using these brushes and will keep you up to date on how they work out for me. However, I am thinking about doing a make up tutorial - would you like to see something like that on this blog? comment below or on the Facebook page.

What are your favourite brand for brushes?

Friday, 28 June 2013

Product Review: VIP tan by Vicky

Hello Beautiful!

If you don't know me, there's two things you should know: 1. I am completely obsessed with Geordie Shore. 2. In this last year, I have discovered a love for a glowing tan - real or not.

So when these two became combined, you could imagine my excitement. Vicky Pattison, the feisty female who is always looking a million pounds, has released her own tanning line named VIP tan. With a choice of light to extra dark shades, spray or mousse, the consumer is spoiled for choice!

Ofcourse, I was first in line to buy the product & I happily received it yesterday. I decided on the shade 'Golden Goddess' which is the medium shade, and in the mousse form as I find it a lot easier to apply.

The VIP Tan by Vicky - Mousse
So, as with all normal fake tans, I gently exfoliated my legs with an exfoliating glove and applied the mousse with a mitt. The mousse was very easy to apply and with the solution being tinted, you can make sure that the application isn't streaky.

Before and after application

As you can see with the above image, even before it's developed it has a gorgeous glow. And I couldn't wait for it to develop.

When I woke up, I was so happy with the results - as well as the face that it hasn't come off on my bedsheets. Being a pale gal, the darkness and glow of my skin was amazing and I simply cannot get enough of it.

After full development time
I really do love this fake tan - and have since applied another coat just to see how dark I can go! And with a 10% discount at the moment, I would recommend using it while it's still available.

Me, yesterday.

Will you be trying the tan? 

Website of the week: Scaramanga

Hello Beautiful!

I love finding new companies, someone who offers something different and still has quality, affordable products. When I came across the brand Scaramanga, I was amazed with the price of their items and what standards of quality they are!

Scaramanga are a company that specialise in delivering high quality leather products to their customers. Most of their items consist of furniture, bags and journals and are all beautifully crafted with the finest Leather with a lovely vintage feel.
Medium Leather Satchel - £75
Looking through the website, the brand features a great deal of leather bags - for men and children aswell as women. I actually love them! from the classic-look satchels to the leather messager bags, Scaramanga have gone the extra mile to take you back in time where a leather satchel was a timeless piece.

Large Stitched Leather Notebook - £26.50
And of course, I am a huge fan of the journals. As a budding writer, I think that the leather-bound journals would fit perfectly in my collection of writer's journals. I especially love the journal above as it has a lovely little lock which adds character to the book.

Catering to deliver worldwide, the brand has even featured on the daytime TV show '60 minute makeover' which I think is impressive since the brand is only 7 years old.

Go and check out the brand!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Clothes I am loving!

Hello Beautiful!

As a firm believer of fashion, I always seem to have items of clothings on my wishlist - even if I know I will never be able to afford them.

Being the beginning of Summer, I have a few summery pieces that I adore right now and that I am dying to pack into my wardrobe! See what you think:

Dolly V Neck Paisley Neon Kaftan Dress

In August, I'll be heading out to Turkey for 2 weeks of glorious sun and cocktails by the pool. This Kaftan is perfect for your holidays as you can look glamorous whilst hanging round the poolside. The Paisley print with hints of neon colouring makes it bang on trend, and at a fabulous price of £20, how can you not resist?

Pop Couture

Being inspired by the amazing Kate Thorne, I have been after a sexy yet sophisticated white dress that will be suitable for formal occasions and cocktail nights. And I think I have found the dress! This peplum dress with a silver belt is absolutely stunning! And I can just imagine teaming this dress up with my red Kurt Geigers. Bliss!

              Influnence Blue Denim Style Lace Trim Playsuit
                     New Look

When it comes to playsuits, I love them to have a hint of vintage. This playsuits from New Look is absolutely adorable! The lacy trim and the collar is absolutely gorgeous, and would be perfect for festivals or a walk through the British countryside. 

What are your favourite picks for summer?

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Guest Blogger - KC Owens

Hello Beautiful!

Today, I present you KC Owens - A College student who loves to travel the world. He will be featuring more on the site & telling us how to get the best out of travelling with limited resources. Let me know what you think. Lx

Traveling Does Not Have to be Expensive

Even though college is designed to allow people to gain a good education and eventually land a great job, it can cause a lot of stress for them along the way. Students are constantly worrying about their next big exam, and if they are not worrying about an exam, they are worrying about paying a bill that will be due at the end of the month. I often find myself in the same situation as other college students. I am constantly stressed about different issues that seem to occur daily. However, many college students do not practice the same stress relief tip that I do. In order for me to leave all of my worries behind, I take a trip to another country during each semester break that I have. Occasionally, people wonder how I can afford to do this with all of my other responsibilities, but I am quick to tell them that I have researched several tips that allow me to take a great vacation on a very low budget.

Financing a Trip
Finances play a huge part in determining if I will be able to take a trip each year. Luckily, I have found a way to ensure that I am afforded the opportunity to travel abroad. By working a part-time job throughout the school year, I am able to save most of the money that I need for my trip. Even though working and going to college can sometimes be difficult, it is a sacrifice that I had to make. With each paycheck that I received, I set aside half of it for my trip abroad. By the time my trip arrived, I most money that I needed.
For some college students, working while at school is not an option. Since I am usually not able to fund my entire trip by myself ahead of time, I’ve had to find other ways to pay for plane tickets. I researched different credit cards and according to Credit Card Insider, students can apply for travel cards that help with airline miles and other travel expenses. This has been a lifesaver for me. It’s been great because now I don’t have to work as much while at school and I don’t have to worry about converting much cash at each border that I cross; my card will automatically do that for me.

Working Abroad
Although my trips abroad are designed to allow me to relax and reduce some of my unwanted stress, I still find myself searching for a job while I’m there. For my last trip, I only had a small budget so I knew that working a little while I was visiting would helpful to increase my funds. My part-time job in college is bartending; therefore, I decided to look for a bartending job overseas as well. Luckily, it did not take me long to find one, and it paid a lot more than my job at home. I had to learn a few extra tricks for overseas mixing but things worked out great. Bartending did not allow me to make extra money from tips, but with the higher salary, it pretty much equaled my past salary. Additionally, by bartending in a club, I was able to eat at the club every night. Occasionally, I would not have to pay anything for my meals, and when I did have to pay, I only had to pay half price. By eating at work, I found myself with a lot of extra money that was originally intended to pay for my meals.

How You Should Pack

Many people would travel with entire luggage sets, and this meant that they were constantly carrying around four or five suitcases. As opposed to them, I decided to only travel with a backpack. There were three conveniences in using this backpack. First, unlike an expensive luggage set, I searched Amazon and found a durable, inexpensive pack. Second, I did not have to pay expensive fees at the airport for having too many bags or an extremely heavy bag. Third, I was able to comfortably walk around with this backpack throughout the duration of my trip. I could simply place it on my back and do all of the sightseeing or shopping that I desired to do without leaving anything back at the hostel.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

MUA meets Fashionista!

Hello Beautiful!

If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know I am a big fan of the brand MUA. They're affordable products always seize to amaze me!

Since their launch, the brand has grown - creating more quality products at unbelievable prices (which is enough to make any blogger's heart melt!). It seems like the brand just gets better with age!

Last week, I discovered that the brand had teamed up with make up brand Fashionista to create a new range of products.

I was desperate to try them, and decided to treat myself to a palette, items to fill the palette and an eyebrow kit as I have unfortunately lost my last MUA eyebrow palette.

Front of the customisable palette
My Palette!
The my palette consists of two blushers, a bronzer and 3 eye shadows. All of the items are very pigmented and come in a very decent size! With the palette costing me £10, I think it is a very decent deal and would recommend anyone who likes to top up their eye shadows or make up throughout the day. I don't wear eye shadows that much in the day, which explains my dark, bold colour choices and I know that I will wear them a lot on nights out!

Fashionista Eyebrow palette
I really like this kit; and think in ways is very similar to the MUA kit. However, today I have noticed that the Fashionista palette lasts a lot longer than the Pro-brow and, it may be a more personal choice, looks more natural.  At the moment, the kit is £3.50 instead of £7 which is a very good deal!

So far, I'm really liking the quality of these items and will keep you up to date with any more feedback I have on the items.

What are your thoughts on MUA?

Friday, 21 June 2013

Review: Ann Summers

Hello Gorgeous!

When it comes to underwear, I don't mind splashing some cash. When I was a wee teenager, I discovered I had the odd or unpopular bra size of a 32D/30DD and had to search around to try to find the most affordable bras. This bra size is still a rarity in itself, however I have found that the popular lingerie company Ann Summers always has my size!

I was recently sent 2 sets of underwear from the brand and I can say I am totally in love with them! The bras give you the well needed support and don't rub onto your skin. The pants aren't too tight so they do not show any unnecessary pant line. I just love them!

Enigma Navy Balconette Bra - £26
I adore the colour of this bra - a lovely deep navy look, and with the added 'half lacy' cup adds the right amount of sexiness! For me, this bra fits perfectly and makes my breast look rounder and more full without any need of 'chicken fillets'.

Enigma Navy Suspender Brief - £16
The matching underwear came with the little hooks that can be attached to suspenders. the pants were not too tight - even for my big bootie! and I felt more confident when wearing them.

Persia Burgundy Bra - £30
This was my favourite bra of the set and screams '50 shades of Grey!' This multi strap bra is a stunning pink which can be worn with or without straps. What's so 50 about it? in the centre of the bra has an elastic cross. The purpose of this is for the rope that comes with the underwear, and all of your 'tied up' desires can finally come alive!

Persia Burgundy Thong - £14
Plain and simple, this thong matches perfectly with the underwear. 

If your after sexy, feel-good underwear then the obvious choice would be Ann Summers - and with them having a 60% off sale at the moment, how can you resist!

I'll be doing another review on the brand very soon - but, with a kinky twist!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My thoughts: Primark

Hello Beautiful!

Primark - just like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I can firmly say that I love the brand and have done since it came back to Derby in 2008.

I have been shopping here since I was a young teenager as my pocket money could only stretch so far. However, even now when I know I could go to clothing stores such as Topshop or River Island, I always find myself back browsing in the crowded but familiar Primark.

I will admit it, not all of Primark's clothing is brilliant, and because the brand is so popular you do find that many people may have the same item of clothing as you. However, I don't think this should make you turn away from the brand. The quality that you get for the price you pay (usually) is brilliant! About 45% of my wardrobe consists of Primark clothing.

So here's a few ways in which I wear 'Primarni' clothing!

I adore this skirt! whenever I wear this two-toned skirt, I am instantly whisked away on a sun-filled holiday. For me, the skirt fits perfectly above my hips and isn't too tight when I decide to eat. The top, is also something I love - and for £4, it didn't burn a hole in my pocket. This white lacy crop top really goes with the skirt, and creates a casual/formal look.

Everyone I know at the moment loves swallows, and this charming top was a steal at £12! The sheer blouse with swallow detailing is perfect to formalises a pair of high waisted jeans or to team up with a black pencil skirt.

This is my most recent buy from the brand, however it is currently in the wash! I love pinafores at the moment, and this one (which cost me £12) is perfect for my more laid back, casual summer day look. I teamed this up with my white crop top, brown brogues and black bowler hat (not from Primark). 

When it comes to Primark, to find the best items you should look around. I usually take about an hour just looking around to see every item - yes, I'm obsessed! But it's my thing. 

I love Primark now, and I probably will forever. If you haven't tried shopping at Primark, I think you should! just shame that they're not online!

Do you like Primark? 

A bath ballistic with a difference!

Hello you!

Me and the company Lush have a lot in common - we hate unnatural chemicals, we love smelling good and we love animals & their welfare.

After browsing the site a few weeks back for the perfect Lush treat, I stubble across a new bath ballistic called 'mermaid'. Instantly I was intrigued and the title reminded me of, naturally, the Little Mermaid.

However, this bath bomb is like no other. Yes, it is still filled with amazing ingredients such as seaweed and lavender oil and the bath bomb itself looks incredible in a very majestic mermaid shape but - in typical Lush style - it goes one step further.

The Mermaid bath bomb was created to help support The Coldwater Project - which is a project created by the Sea Shepard Conservation Society. The SSCS help protect ocean wildlife in their natural habitat - which, in my eyes, is a huge deal. So, if you purchase the mermaid bath bomb - all the proceeds (excluding VAT) goes towards this cause. Go Lush!

              The Lush Bath Ballistic

So, after all the stress caused by University - I thought it was about time that the Mermaid finally went where she belongs - the bathtub.


As soon as the bath bomb fell in the water, a very familiar aroma filled up the room. The scent of this bath bomb is that of the 'Big blue' bomb - and like this bomb, all contains natural seaweed which does wonders for your skin!

After sitting in this bath for 10 minutes, I felt so much more relaxed - almost like sunbathing by the ocean, taking in the salty sea scent.


If you love the 'Big blue' bath bomb or just love donating to a good cause and feeling divine about it then I recommend this bath bomb! At a small cost of £2.50, it is totally worth it!

Being able to donate to charity and smell great when doing so? How can you go wrong?!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Lauren's trip to London!

Hello Beautiful!

London. The one place in the world where I think I belong. The bustling streets, the breathtaking yet iconic sights and, of course, the most beautiful and exquisite shops that surround the centre of London. Everything I adore.

I went to city to attend the Dolls London clothing line launch, which is a new and upcoming brand. The clothing will soon be available to buy on line, and I can honestly say that some of the swimsuits are to die for!

Although I have been to London a few times, I have not seen all of it and Steph became my personal tour guide and I got to see some incredible sights! Here are some of them:

Leicester Square


The Ritz

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

St Paul's Cathedral

I cannot wait to return to the big city. Also, I want to apologise for the lack of posts - I can honestly say I've had a rough week. I shall be blogging a lot more this week.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sun is shining, Weather is sweet ....

Hello beautiful!


I seriously cannot get enough of this weather. It may have only have been 20 degrees yesterday, but you could definitely feel that summer feeling. Queue 'Summertime' by Will Smith. Drums please!

Yesterday, I had such a great day with my boyfriend, Ryan, and decided to take a tour around Matlock bath - A small Derbyshire town with cliff sides, arcades and a lot of Fish & Chip shops. It was absolutely perfect - making me crave the summer more.

It made me think about my plans for the summer & how busy it's going to be. Reporting the Y Not festival, staying at Oxford with my beautiful Steph, going to Turkey for a family summer holiday and being a maid of honour for my Godmother's wedding. This summer is going to be fantastic.

And even though my summer is packed, I am still going to be blogging everyday (well, as much as I can!) - mixing up personal blogs with reviews.

I'm going to be writing some summer fashion articles next week so stay tuned!

Friday, 7 June 2013

150 likes - A new competition!

Hello Beautiful!

We have finally reached 150 likes!

And, in pure celebration, I am doing a 'Accessories your life' competition as it is full of amazing accessories. Listed below are the items!

Dark Blue Knited Beads Collar Necklace ACN0000024
Dark Blue Knitted Beads Collar Necklace

Snake Wrap Ear Cuff Earrings ESE0000022

Snake Wrap Ear Cuff Earrings 
Acrylic Gold Cream Pyramid Elastic Bracelet BSC0000103
Acrylic Gold Cream Pyramid Elastic Bracelet
Gold Plated White Rhinestone Hollow Out Ring RUR0000139

Gold Plated White Rhinestone Hollow Out Ring

And A girl cannot be without red lips!

Avon Perfect Kiss Lipstick -Smitten Red

I may throw a bag into the mix - because I do love my readers so stay tuned! 

How to enter: All you need to do is Share The Original Blonde Journalist page, and like the competition status when done! That way, I can track you and enter you into the competition!

Good Luck!

Products I am loving!

Hello Beautiful!

Every once in a while, I like to change the products that I use. However, I do have some all time favourites that I think you should all try:

Favourite Shampoo: Johnson's Baby Shampoo

After watching many videos on YouTube, Johnson's baby shampoo is always recommended if you are trying to grow your hair, and I don't know what it is but I think it actually works! The shampoo doesn't have many (if any) harmful chemicals in - which I think is great as I really want to save my hair. No tears? No chemicals!
Close second: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Shampoo

Favourite Conditioner: Herbal Essence 'Bee Strong' Conditioner

For a while, I tried to stay away from Herbal Essences after reading some poor reviews about them. However, after sneakingly trying some of my Mum's - I've been converted! Along with the baby shampoo, my hair feels soft, shines and looks healthy! Something I've been craving for in a conditioner and never seemed to achieve fully - even with expensive conditioners. Plus, with Nicole Scherzinger promoting the product? How could I resist?!
Close Second: Pantene Repair & Protect Conditioner for Normal to Thick hair

Favourite Moisturiser: Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion


I cannot get enough of this product! Seriously my all-time favourite Lush product. Not only is it moisturising, it smells like my ideal summer holiday (If that makes sense?). I am currently running out of this product (Boo Hoo) and will be swiftly making my way to the nearest Lush store to pick a bottle up.
Close Second: Garnier 7 Day Moisturiser for Dry Skin

Favourite Facial Moisturiser: Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor Facial Moisturiser

Before finding this gem, I was searching far and wide for a decent moisturiser especially for the face. This product ticks all my boxes: Good SPF, all day moister and light formula. I just love it! And you can never go wrong with Soap and Glory.

I shall be doing a similar post for make up very soon!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lush Review - 'Sweetie Pie' Shower Jellie

Hello Beautiful!

Have you ever looked at a product and thought to yourself? 'There's such a product?' 'How do you exsisit!'

Well, that's exactly the thought I had when I saw the 'Sweetie Pie' shower jelly from Lush. Yes, you read it right - Shower Jelly!

Originally created for it's 10th birthday - shower jelly is for the people who are looking for a different way to wash their 'wobbly bits'.

The carrageen seaweed is the key ingredient to make the jelly well, a jelly! With the added coconut and cherries; it smells like childhood sweeties (my mum said that it smells of dibdabs). The added glitter to the jelly was a bonus and really adds a feminine (or childish, ahem) touch to the jelly! yay!

I couldn't wait to use this product when I got home! and, I must confess, kept playing with it like an amused child!

The Packaging

What's good about this product is that it can be used chilled or frozen (to cool down sunburn) or as it is if you want it a little bit more bearing!

I actually loved using this product! although it is tricky to use - I think it added to the fun! And after the bath I smelt absolutely divine!

The Jelly!

I totally recommend this product if you want a different and amusing way to bathe and, like me, love a good sweet smell!

However, have no fear if you do not like sweet things as Lush have a more refreshing shower jelly called 'Whoosh'

Will you be testing the shower jelly out? What's the weirdest product you've used?