Monday, 22 September 2014

The unspoken rules at University

Study hard, Party harder

Here’s some helpful tips to help you through your year that no one will ever tell you.

Pre-drinks: Back at home, this was never a thing. You would get ready, go out and get smashed. But now you’re a poor student, it’s a night out essential and can sometimes be better than the night out itself. Pre-drinks also involved A LOT of drinking games; the ever-telling ‘never have I ever’ is where you learn that your housemate had sex with someone in a fast food joint and ‘The ring of Fire’ where you end up drinking shot upon shot of absinthe (really would not recommend). You will live for the pre-drinks – however your hangover the next day tells a different story.

Don’t buy text books straight away: This is definitely one for the freshers. You may think you’re smart getting all your books in early but out of those 15 you've brought, you’ll probably use a grand total of two. The library is a god send so use that as much as possible! Think of the jagerbombs you’ll be missing out on if you get that ‘important’ text book and then realise you've been using it more as a coaster than a research method. 

You never sit at the front of the lecture theatre: Ok, this does vary through the year. As fresher’s, you may want to make an impression and sit at the front but as the year progresses (and you begin to experience nights out in the week) you slowly shuffle to the back. The only ones that sit at the front are either late and have nowhere else to sit or the ones that you wonder ‘how the hell did you get on this course?’

Once in your stay here at University, you will do the walk of shame: It doesn’t even have to be post-coitus related; for the commuters out there, this will happen quite a lot. The amount of times you’ll get asked to go out after your last lecture & realise you have no fresh clothes for the morning after is ridiculous. A top tip to avoid this is to always keep a spare set of clothes at one of your best friend’s house. Also, if you do happen to do the walk of shame – walking through the campus at 10am is not a good idea. People will stare and snigger. Just no. 

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