Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Is it Christmas yet?

I'm afraid I am one of those annoying people who loves nothing more than a good Christmas. The smell of spiced apple around the house, glistening lights around the city & in the streets, the taste of candy canes! I absolutely adore it!

With it being the beginning of November (Ok, so I'm a little keen!) and me already being in the festive spirit, I would like to give you a helping hand on what's on offer this year for Christmas Jumpers.

Ok, Christmas jumpers - you either love them or hate them. It could end up being the cheesiest item of clothing you know or one of your forgotten presents that Great Aunt Ruth got you. Like it or not, Xmas jumpers are hot this season & I am a firm lover of the festive pieces.

Dorothy Perkins
For those who do not want a great big in-your-face piece, I recommend this stag jumper from Dorothy Perkins. Not only does it fit in with the monochrome theme we have been seeing all year, it is easily wearable and can be matched up with your favourite jeans & ankle boots. I love how it discretely shows your love for the festive season (Come on! Don't be a Scrooge!)

New Look
I absolutely love this piece! Who can resist a super-cute robin hoodie?! Again, not in your face but still shows your love for the festive period. So if your more of a hoodie kinda chick then I would totally recommend this!

I'm a sucker for fluffy things when the weather starts to drop, and I find this jumper from Topshop an absolutely adorable piece. Although I find £44 quite steep for a jumper, I actually wouldn't mind paying out for this piece. I love how fluffy it looks - and the cute snowflake print is absolutely adorable!

If you are looking for a cheap alternative, I always recommend Boohoo. They have their own collection of Christmas items at the moment, and I found this little cutie! Simple but to the point - a little gingerbread jumper available in red, black and green. I may have to purchase this! And with the store allowing student discount, I can use this to my advantage.

What are your thoughts on Christmas jumpers? Hit or miss?

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