Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Trent on Tour: The stories

The original story can be found on The University Paper Website

As the saying goes – what happens on tour, stays on tour.

That is, of course, until something ridiculous or hilarious happens and then the whole of the society – if not the entire university –  knows you as the guy who had an embarrassing mishap with an inanimate object.

With many societies flying across Europe – ranging from our dancers to the archery society –there is always an unruly story to be told, with a few students being more than happy to open up about their tour experiences.

This year, the Trent army haven’t failed to amuse us with their witty tour stories; punching of fresher’s,  public posting of genitals and drunk chanting about Wayne Rooney. We’ve heard it all.

From the simplistic shaving of ‘NTU’ into the back of your hair or, with even more dedication, a whole N Number being tattooed on your foot.

To the dangerous, one girl suffered with such a bad allergic reaction to a henna tattoo on her face that she was rushed to hospital.

Before even arriving at the hotel, a sports society member was kicked off the tour bus for being sick everywhere and yet managed to beat the whole bus to the hotel.

For one unlucky student, it was the sheer reality that a hockey stick was forced so far up his backside that it left him hospitalised with five stitches.  Definitely not the wisest of moves.

As mentioned by comedian Russell Howard, ‘I accidentally fell on it’ is not a believable explanation.

We all hope it was either a dare or you were entirely intoxicated.

One student was so drunk, he asked for his taxi driver to take him to Clifton and the driver continued to drive around the strip for half an hour.

After a while, the student realised he was getting nowhere and jumped to the conclusion that he was being kidnapped – which led to him throwing money at the driver and jumping out of the moving car.

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