Thursday, 1 May 2014

McBusted: review

Hello Beautiful!

Ten years ago, when IPhones didn't dominate people's lives and tweeting was just something bird's did, pop rock band Busted were reigning high in the charts and had won the heart of every teenage girl in Britain (including mine).

They were living the dream, a career they worked so hard to achieve.

However, in 2005 the band shockingly broke up after band member Charlie Simpson decided to move onto a new band. I won't lie - my little pre-teen heart broke into a million pieces.

So when I heard the the remaining two members, Matt Willis and James Bourne, were teaming up with identical band McFly to create a superband - you can imagine my excitement.

I have been to see McFly when they performed their 'Radioactive' tour in Nottingham when I was younger, and continued to look forward to seeing the band newly named 'McBusted'.

The support bands, Young Brando, EofE and the 3 dudes did well to warm the huge crowd. Their catchy rock songs caused the audience to get up out of their seats and dance.

Starting just before nine o'clock, the stadium went dark and a video lit up on the two screens at each side of the stage. The video featured the same concept as those portrayed in the film 'Back to the Future'. Moments later, a DeLorean landed on the stage containing the two remaining Busted members. They were then shortly followed by McFly members Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry.

Opening hit 'Air Hostess' sent the crowd into a frenzy - even young teenagers who would have been children at the time sang along with the band.

Throughout their performances, McBusted made good use of their stage and the ringed catwalk which extended from it.

Their interaction was flawless - especially from Matt and Dougie who were constantly circled the crowd and asking the audience if they were having a good time or if they were ready to do so.

The set list was evenly distributed amongst the two bands - with the set opening with three Busted and followed by three McFly tracks.

Half an hour in, and the band disappeared off the stage to reappear on a UFO at the back of the arena. Whilst on here, the band played 3 songs including the popular 'Star Girl'.

The boy's energy bounced off one and other. Their laddish charm made the crowd laugh as they performed hilarious jokes and poked fun at one and other. One stunt involved Matt wearing a wedding dress whilst performing 'Crashed the Wedding'.

After an hour and a half, the show came to a sad end - but all the band members vowed to make a return to Nottingham.

Could this be a hint of a second tour? I hope so.

Furthermore, this is definitely in my top 3 for concerts I've ever seen. For anyone attending a McBusted gig, it will truly be a memorable experience and a blast from the past.

Rating: 9/10

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