Sunday, 14 July 2013

Product Review - The Body Shop Face Mask

Hello beautiful!

Before using this product, I can say that I was simply a virgin when it comes to using The Body Shop products. For my price range, I have always found it really pricy and never really wanted to try the products. However, I do admire The Body Shop for its vegan-friendly products and super gorgeous scents.

I was very lucky enough to be sent two if the new packet face masks that The Body Shop has to offer and couldn't wait to give my skin a pampering!

The other day I tested out the Tea Tree face mask (£1.50) as I know that tea tree oil has a lot of good-skin ingredients to give you that healthy, feel good skin.

The packet was very generous in its amount and gave me more that enough to cover my entire face.

According to the instructions, you are advise to leave the mask on for 10 - 15 minutes, which is a much longer time frame that I'm used to. The mask went on very well and did not sting my very sensitive skin.

The results: I am actually pretty happy with the outcome! My skin feels salty, smooth to the touch and visibly clearer! With no spots to be found!

Furthermore, I would totally recommend this mask and is available to purchase in any Body Shoo store.

Have you ever tried any of The Body Shop products?


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