Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Benefit of having good eyebrows

Hello Beautiful!

As a lover of all things to do with beauty, I tend to become fascinated with the way people approach their own looks. And, at the moment, there has been a lot of hate over the way girls address their eyebrows. For example:

Yes, I can accept that this is ridiculous. But, I believe that eyebrows have the same effect as a bold lipstick - it makes your look and defines your face. This is why I am obsessed with my brows and took drastic actions to create my dream brows. 

Previously, I actually hated my brows. They were just horrid and I now realise that I really over-shaded them in. 


On Friday, me and my good friend Emily decided to treat ourselves to getting our eyebrows done. We thought of no place better than Benefit, and we were not disappointed!

For £11.20, I had my eyebrows trimmed, waxed, shaped, plucked and filled in. I was immediately impressed! and to finish it off, I decided to tint my brows.

I decided to use Eylure Dybrow in brown to create a natural but striking look, and for £7.49 for 6 applications - I was impressed.

My finished look

If you are a virgin to getting your eyebrows done, I totally recommend the Benefit treatment the 'Benefit Brow Arch'. The staff was so helpful and I really enjoyed being pampered.

What treatments do you enjoy?

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  1. Yay! Now both part of the beautiful eyebrow crew... until they grow back!