Thursday, 6 March 2014

Is it summer yet?

Summer <3

Hello Beautiful!

With forecasters promising the hottest summer on record (please be true!) I have already begun the search for the perfect bikini and summer accessories. A little premature perhaps, but as some who loves nothing more than to soak up the sunshine and tan my body - I think its a necessity and definitely a little mood booster!

After browsing a few High Street stores and my favourite online shops, I have picked up on a few key trends to rock on your jollies; including eye-wear - which we all know is essential during the summer months.


For many people (I know it is the case for me) only certain sunglasses suit certain shaped sunglasses. For example, I can happily rock a pair of aviators but look like a bug in over sized glasses. However, linking in with the sixties vibes that seem to be featuring all ore the high street are the round framed sunglasses. Yes, think John Lennon or nineties nostalgia - but they are super cute! And they can easily be pulled off. I love this pair of round sunglasses from BooHoo - and they are available in a range of different colours to help fit in with your wardrobe. Topshop and River Island also have a great variety of sunglasses in their store - but with a price range of £12-£20, BooHoo seems to be the more 'student friendly' option.

Zoe Round Frame


Linking back in with the sixties themes, a lot of stores are displaying bikinis with high waist bottoms. As a female with insecurities about her stomach, I find this a great thing and really believe it will encourage more self confidence for women who are scared to get into a bikini. Primark and River Island have a great selection of high waist bikinis - some even demonstrating a nautical theme. However, I love this from BooHoo. The print on the bikini reminds me a lot of the Aztec themes that have been popping up on the catwalk this s/s. The bikini is also reasonable affordable, making it an essential for your wardrobe.

Paphos Retro Snake Print High Rise Bikini

If you are more body confident or want to add some flare and sass into your wardrobe, I would recommend taking a look at Missguided. Their swimwear offers sexy and stylish bikinis and beachwear to wear around the pool. My personal favourite is the tasseled bikini in a neon pink: I absolutely adore the colour of this! The brightness of it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. However, if you are not a fan of the color - Missguided do a range of different colours to suit your mood. What I do love about this bikini is that if you teamed this up with a pair of acid-washed denim shorts - you could pull off a casual summer look.

Trona Halterneck Fringe Bikini In Hot Pink

Last year, the trend of realistic or animal faces was huge - and I can distinctly remember New Look selling a swimsuit with a huge lions face on it. This year, ASOS have brought back the trend and create this beautiful swimsuit with cutouts on either side. It is perfect for those who have issues with their bodies (although every body is beautiful ladies! flaunt it!) and I cannot get enough of the elephant print! I may even purchase this myself!

Image 1 of ASOS Safari Elephant Print Bandeau Swimsuit
Safari Elephant Print Bandeau Swimsuit


Beachwear is a great way to make the transaction from hotel room to the beach or to the poolside. However, I am sick of seeing the same repetitive maxi dresses or short dresses and was looking for something a little bit different. After having a browse on ASOS, I came across this gorgeous outfit! This two piece has definitely ticked the boxes for uniqueness and still looking stylish. As we know, two pieces are hot right now and the cute print will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. At £40 for the complete outfit, it is a little steep - however, your student discount and/or other promotional codes. 
ASOS Reflective Palm Print Crop Top
ASOS Reflective Palm Print Crop  outfit
£40 (£20 for each item)


Now this next item really is a flashback of my childhood. My mum used to hate me wearing jelly shoes - but I couldn't help but think that they were cool! And I still have a little love for them. I agree that not everyone will like them - but I think that they are prefect for wearing around the pool. They are also pretty inexpensive - with New Look selling them for £10 (plus 10% student discount) and they come in a variety of colours. If you loved them as a kid, I would recommend picking up a pair asap. 

Pewter (Pewter) Silver Clear Flat Jelly Sandals  | 301308195 | New Look
Silver Clear Flat Jelly Sandals
New Look

I actually cannot wait to purchase these items and, hopefully, it will encourage the sun to make an appearance. Please?

How excited are you for summer 2014?

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