Thursday, 13 March 2014

Statement Necklaces: Yay or Nay?


Hello Beautiful!

Accessories wise- this years biggest trend is most definitely the statement necklace. I'll admit it - when it comes to accessorising, I like to keep it clean and simple. But this is a trend that I love; being able to instantly change a plain, everyday outfit into something a bit more on trend.

Think of an outfit made up of a plain white shirt with your favourite jeans - without a necklace, its very casual and somewhat thrown together. However, wear an amazing gold chain and it's been upped to something with a little more zazz.

Retailer's Primark have an amazing selection of statement necklaces this season - one of them being this amazing tribal necklace. I think this screams holiday - the Aztec feel would be perfect teamed up with a black maxi/midi dress whilst you are enjoying your holidays. Whats more, Primark prides itself in it's affordability - meaning it won't hit the purse too hard if you purchase a few pieces.

Aztec Necklace

After browsing on the ASOS website, I came across this beautiful necklace from New Look . The pastel  pink roped chain is beautiful, and is perfect for completing a pastel outfit or it can be teamed on an outfit similar to the one below. At £20, the necklace is a little bit steeped but because of it's versatility, I think it is well worth the investment.


Princess Stone Necklace
New Look

Zara have a reputation for delievering amazing fashion pieces and have a  great selection of statement necklaces. This particular one was my favourite! The multi-gemmed piece would add some sass to any outfit or make a plain dress stand out from the crowd. The hints of pastel is also bang on trend.

Image 1 of MULTI-STONES NECKLACE from Zara
Multi-stones Necklace

I hope I inspire you to incorporate statement necklaces into your outfits.

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