Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The 'No Make Up' Challenge

Hello Beautiful!

Over the past few months, we have seen 'nomination challenges' such as the infamous neck nomination and the neigh nomination.

The other day, I got nominated to do the 'no make up' challenge - which entails girls to post a photo of themselves on Facebook or Twitter with no make up on. Completely barefaced. 

For females all over the UK, this is a very daunting task; especially if you started to wear a make up from a very young age or never publish a photo of yourself without any make up on.

The reason for the challenge? simply to promote natural beauty and to give us girls some self esteem. It has also been rumoured that the challenge is to help to raise awareness for cancer - which I think is a brilliant reason to do so - however random. 

However, I have noticed a lot of girls (and a few guys) giving stick about the challenge - branding girls as 'dog ugly' or stating  that the photos 'make me want to vomit'.

I find it disgusting that people would actually say things like that.

 At the end of the day, I believe it takes a lot of courage for females to post images like this. Some women would have never posted an image of themselves barefaced - and to be called names is horrible. 

I have seen a fair few of the 'no make up' images and most of them look better without the slap and I think it is an exceedingly brave thing for them to do. 

Personally, I do prefer the natural look - and obviously this is not to everyone's taste but you should never compare a girl to a dog when it comes to their appearance - what happened to girl code?!

This is supposed to be a bit of fun and no one should feel crap for partaking in this event.

And to show my appreciation for the event, I am going to post my nomination for the challenge here and challenge you to take part! You can even link back to the Original Blonde Journalist page!

We are all beautiful in our own way, and no one should be made to feel ugly by other peoples judgement. I do not know one ugly person. And that's a fact.

I challenge you!

You are beautiful - Now get barefaced!

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