Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Geordie Shore's back!

Hello my Gorgeous!

Last night saw the much anticipated return of Geordie Shore - Ok, it's only been off our screen for a few weeks but I am completely obsessed with the show!

The Geordies have arrived back in Newcastle after a roller-coaster of a time Down under, and with a new girl Marnie thrown in to the mix - this season promises to be one full of alcohol, banter & pulling.

Before I go into my thoughts, I would like to highlight that these are my Personal thoughts & I know not everyone will agree with them. I'm not saying that my thoughts are right or wrong, they are literally my personal view.

Ok, so last nights episode actually played on my mind a lot! and the trailer showing the next episode has put me on edge so I'm going to tell you a few thoughts I've had on the show.

1. The New Girl 

I'm not going to lie, I'm not a huge fan of Marnie at the moment - her attitude and the way she has responded to the girls has not done her any favours. It may just be the way that MTV have presented her & I know it'll take a few more episodes to get a true representation of her but I really do not like her. To me, she seems to be another Rebecca - The boys will want her & the girls will loathe her (Sophie being except, ofcourse!) I just hope this one makes effort with the girls & doesn't add to an already tense atmosphere!

2. Gary getting all Emotional?!

Yes, you read correctly. Gary actually showed some emotion last night - and I wanted to bash his head into the wall. After a deep conversation with Vicky, he has revealed that one of his reasons for pulling is basically because he wants someone to hold at night? Was I the only one to think 'You had Charlotte!!' ? Although it is lovely to see him show this emotion, it has annoyed me slightly because months ago,
 he could have had Charlotte & now she has a boyfriend, he's revealing his emotions. Bloody men!

But I'll be honest, I still really want those two to get together! they seem perfect for each other - the way they 'bounce' off each other is so cute! It's just a shame it has took him this long to realise this.


3. I love Vicky, sorry Charlotte.

When I first started to watch Geordie Shore, way back in series 3 I loved Charlotte. Her amazing, quirky personality, her honesty & down right stupidity made me chuckle! But now, as Single Vicky begins to make an appearance, I cannot help but admire her! Her boldness, her feisty attitude - I actually adore her! She just makes me chuckle with her sarcasm & the bravery she has shown after her public split with Ricci is admirable. Outside the house, she has become a successful business woman! Keep it up Vick and let the tash on commense!

If you haven't caught up with the series yet, then get your cuppa at the ready because you are missing out!

What are your thoughts on Geordie Shore? Love it or Loathe it?

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