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Hello Gorgeous!

OK Guys, don't hate me - but the dreaded 'C' word is coming. I know, where has this year gone?! And this means it's time to tactically find the perfect present for that loved one.

This year, I decided to start my Christmas shopping a little early - browsing the high street and Internet for gifts that will suit my eccentric family. In doing this, I discovered a little bit of heaven. I am not even kidding. - like Etsy - helps promote small, unique businesses and their beautiful items. Founded in 2006, the company has grown from helping a handful of items to hundreds. Unlike Etsy however, I have found it more affordable and easier to use. How can you resist originality and with a brilliant price tag?

My gorgeous delivery
 Because some of the items came from different sellers, the items arrived over two days. Before I've even opened the items, I have totally feel in love with the packaging - how cute does it look?!. My order consisted of a personalised make up bag, 2 rings and a personalised necklace. I am impressed with every item so far.

Personalised Make Up bag
Lucy Lilybet
I love love love this! (did I mention I love this?!) now if there is one thing you need to know about me, it is the fact that I adore make up and all things pretty. This bag pretty much combines these two things. The make up bag is decorated with a vintage, floral print - which I love, a very Cath Kidston feel. And what makes it a great gift? the label is totally customisable! perfect for a make-up mad sibling (like my sister!) your beautiful girlfriend or your nearest and dearest best friend. With a price tag of just £10.50, you cannot complain! Check out the rest of her personalised items here.

 My next items were two beautiful rings from seller Lisa Angel who specialises in creating vintage-style jewellery. I'm not going to lie, I could have brought the whole shops contents and I'm currently browsing through her collection now, deciding what I'm buying next.

The rings
Lisa Angel
(Ignore scabby fingers - ew)

'Everything happens for a reason'
Lisa Angel
As you all know, I have been going through a tough time - and a little inspiration never hurt nobody. I find the quote 'Everything happens for a reason' perfect to describe how I feel & when I saw this ring - I knew I had to have it. The band ring is engraved with this inspirational quote, and you have the option of having it in Gold, Silver or Rose Gold - which I think would be great for a group gift i.e.. friendship bracelets (OK, I still have the heart of a child). Its simple, it's relatively inexpensive and Lisa also has other sayings to surmise your needs. 

The Daisy Ring
Lisa Angel
Another perfect yet simple gift, this elegant ring is perfect for any lover of vintage-style or cute rings. I don't often wear jewellery, but I have already wore this ring twice as I find it very easy to team up with outfits that I wear. The ring comes in both gold and silver, so if you are more of a cool toned gal you can still pull off this ring. Browsing through Lisa's collection, she also has matching bangles and earrings to complete the look. Bonus, ey?

Last, but most definitely not least - for me the crème-de-la-crème of my order. The Vintage Orb necklace from Madison Honey Vintage.

Vintage Orb Necklace
Madison Honey Vintage
Where do I start about this item? This was the first thing I added to my basket when I discovered the site - and I think pretty much sums up the site. Unique, there is definitely nothing like this on my local high street - probably the reason I fell in love with the necklace. This necklace is completely customiseable - with chain length to colour, it is made especially to your taste. Pretty cool, huh?

A hidden treasure - inside the locket.

The vintage orb has a hidden secret, it is not just a standard pendant. It also happens to be a locket in which it hides a secret message for that special person. The note is totally customiseable, so if you want to show your appreciation for someone or finally tell that person exactly how you feel - this is the perfect gift idea for you. For me, I wanted something to inspire me (yes, I do love my inspirational quotes) and my little quite gives me that little nudge more me to carry on.

'Never give up on your dreams'

What the great thing about this necklace is no two necklaces will be the same; you can add a letter pendant, make it rose gold, have no note if you want! It is totally up to you. With prices starting from £16, it is very afforable and totally worth investing in if you are after the wow factor!

All in all, I really recommend this site. They sell everything you could think of; from pin up travel cards to a bourbon phone case, the possibilities are endless! I will be purchasing from this site in the future as I have seen some gorgeous and ideal Christmas presents from my loving family. Take a look now!

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