Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hey, What's going on?

Hello Gorgeous!

I thought I would do a little blog update about my life because, over this summer, has changed quite a lot.

Firstly, my work. Over the summer I received two promotions and gained another job. I am now officially a 'Crew Trainer' at good ol' McDonald's, which basically means I've been promoted to a supervisor. Yes, har har!

In the journalistic side, I was also promoted to a sub-editor for The University Paper. This means that I am in charge of the Fashion side of the paper, which I am ecstatic about! Practice for the years to come! (Hopefully!)

I also had a drastic change with my personal life. I am no longer with my long term boyfriend. I know this may be too personal for my blog, but I want to show every aspect of my life and this was a big part of mine. I'm slowly getting there & I want to thank my amazing family & friends for the support I have received!

On 13th September, I was very lucky & privileged enough to be Maid of Honour to my godmothers wedding. Now, although I attended a wedding when I was a baba, I have never been to a wedding before. I was definitely thrown in at the deep end. But I completely and utterly enjoyed every moment of it!

Did I scrub up well?

So now, my summer 2013 is officially over; I have experienced my first festival, my first wedding & my second holiday in Turkey. It has definitely been a Summer to remember! BUT, I cannot wait for winter. Bring on Halloween, Bonfire night & cosy nights in!

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