Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May Wishlist

Hello Beautiful!

We are a good half way through May now, however I thought there's no time like the present to write out a May wishlist!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been doing an awful lot of online shopping - however the money will only stretch so far (sign).

1. Lip Voltage

All across the internet (and from a couple of my friends) I have heard/seen so many great things about this product! I've always wanted but, full lips like actress Megan Fox but I've never been a huge fan of having needles stuck into my face.

Lip voltage is a 'quick absorbing peptide lip treatment' which uses Nano technology to fill and volumise lips. For me, it's a dream come true and I can imagine it to be very similar to Soap and Glory's motherpucker but with better effects.

Prices are ranging on this product, but I'm seeing a common face value of £15/£20.

2. Ripped Mom Jeans

Ok, this isn't really a wish list item as I have managed to purchase a pair, but it did take me a long time to do so!

Don't get me wrong, I do love normal mom jeans - but after I saw a girl at my university wearing a pair of ripped mom jeans, I was totally smittened and the hunt began.

I searched everywhere for a decent pair of these jeans and I really was upset that I couldn't find a perfect pair. That is, until I came across Depop and found this. Finally, the search was over!

These mom jeans (or Monica jeans as my sister calls them) are from Topshop and were an absolute bargain at £22, and I cannot wait to try them on!

3. A Lace Kimono

With the festival season coming up, I am in desperate need of more kimonos. I'll admit it, I don't really wear cardigans and usually result to a coat - but what happens when it's only a tad cold? Silly Lauren.

This is why I'm resulting to kimonos - they're so cute and lightweight! And I am desperate for a lace one to add to my collection.

I love this black laced kimono from ASOS and is perfect for those long festival days!

At £28, it's not too expensive eitheir. Definitely worth saving some pennies for!

4. Two Pieces

If you have read my previous post, you will know I'm a little bit obsessed with two pieces and a Missguided was my go-to for these. However, after browsing Ark I came across this little gem.

Now, the two pieces I have at the moment are very much outfits I would wear out and i would love some co-ordinates I could wear in the daytime.

This lace two piece has nailed my needs on the head! It's perfect for everydaywear and is simply gorgeous. It could even be pulled off to create a smart look.

For me, the only downfall is the price. At £38.98, I can't see myself rushing straight down to Ark to buy this. 

What's on your wishlist this month?

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