Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Cafe Review: Patisserie Valerie

Hello Beautiful!

Like any civilsed girl in Britain, I love a good pot of tea and a fruit scone.

Instead of the usual cocktails; Me, Steph and Emily decided on a little bit less alcoholic fuelled outing.

Patisserie Valerie was the first of it's kind to bring continental pastries to the UK and introduced the cafe-like atmosphere to a bakery. It's fine desserts are well-known across the UK with many cities - one being Nottingham.

The Napkins

The cafe is located at the side of the Town Hall, furnished with red sofas and an outdoor area. As the cafe was extremely busy (ofcourse) we decided to sit outside; which I didn't mind as the view was amazing!

The view from our seats

The Cafe

After a 20 minute wait (I wasn't impressed either) we finally got served by a waitress and after another 5-10 minute wait we were greeted with this:

The variety of jams

Pot of tea for one

Scones covered in strawberry jam and clotted cream

Being a common lass, I have never had such gorgeous afternoon tea! The toasted scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream was absolutely divine. I love tea, and I could not fault the breakfast tea that was served to us. However, I did find a hair in my milk - which was quickly replaced by the waitress.

The experience overall was very enjoyable, especially when my friend got harassed by the pigeons (yes Emily, I mean you!) although the cafe is quite expensive, I would definitely dine here again!

Sorry for the absense! I will be blogging more this week!

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