Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hopeless Apparel - The Review

Hello Beautiful!

Since the beginning of the 'Facebook Famous' I have noticed a lot of 'Apparels' coming onto the market. As a wannabe fashion lover, I had to sample some of these for myself. Hopeless Apparel give there own twist in the apparel world -giving their consumers unique designers at an affordable price.

I was lucky enough to be sent the 'Hipsteril' top - which is a printed image of a tattooed Ariel, pretty cool huh?

Below are a few images of my sister wearing the top!

The top itself is £12, which I think is good value for your money seeing as other tops can range up to £20 for similar designs. Since I have received this top, my sister has wore it non-stop! and loves the design - teaming the top up with jeans or a pair of wet-look leggings. There is only one real downside to the top - since washing it, my mum has noticed that the ink has ran slightly so proper precautions should be made when washing your top!

The link for the site is here!

What do you think to apparels? Too hipster?

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