Friday, 3 May 2013

Tanning Review: He-Shi Tanning Gel

Hello Beauties!

My tanning addiction has grown, and although I love the sunbed - sometimes I just want to get that little bit darker without the thought of having to stand in a really hot sunbed.

He-Shi is a premium self-tanning company that has won numerous amounts of rewards for their amazing quality tanning products. These products (which can be used on both men and women) can be used in professional tanning salons or at home - which again highlights the high standards of the brand!

I was very lucky enough to receive the He-Shi Face + Body Tanning Gel and desperately wanted to try it as soon as I got it! The tanning kit even came with a tanning mitt! which was extremely helpful.
The Kit

The Tanning Gel
The gel is in a lovely brown tube, which is the same with all the other products and fits in well with the colour we want to go (well, sunkissed!). The tanning comes with instructions so you know exactly what to do and they are very simple - so if you're a beginner, you'll know exactly what to do. 

What was also helpful is the fact that the gel is tinted, so you will know exactly where you have applied and where you need to add more. The tan is very fast acting! although you do have to give it 6-8 hours before you have contact with water to get the full effects. Now, the picture below is the after photo of the He-Shi tanning gel. What do you think?

After using the gel

I am actually in love with the stuff! The product is long lasting, and I keep getting compliments on how tanned I look - which is a big surprise as I usually get called a milk bottle.

Check them out here to get their full range of products. 

Do you love to tan or are you more of a pale gal?

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