Friday, 18 January 2013

Apologises & Review: Reelva Wig!

First of all, I would like to apologise for not writing a post yesterday :( I really wanted to but unfortunately, I had university deadlines & I had to hurry up home to make sure that I wasn't stranded in Nottingham!

So! this morning, when I was busy finalising the corrections on my patch stories (oh, the joys of being a student) I heard the familiar knock on the door from the postman and today I was lucky enough to receive a wig!

Now, this is my first wig and I've brought it for two reasons: because I DESPERATLY want candy pink hair & because very soon I am having a photo shoot with the lovely Tilly Kozimor (check out her work & me here ;) )


The EXTRMEMELY affordable wig is from Reelva on, where else, than eBay. The wig itself cost £8.50! bargain right?! and free P&P :D I absolutely adore it! it doesnt itch, comes with a wig cap and is exactly what it says on the tin!


And here is a picture of me wearing the wig! unedited! :D I shall definatly be purchasing from here again!

So would you wear a wig? what colour :P Let me know!



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