Thursday, 24 January 2013

Getting bargains in the January sales!

Hello my Darlings!

Being the bargainista that I am, I cannot resist the Boxing Day/ January sales. Although Christmas seems like a lifetime ago, the sales are still quite intense.

So a tip: Do check out the later January sales!

Everyone usually gives up with the sales as soon as January passes the first week, thinking that all the 'best deals' or 'bargains' have been snatched up. Oh how wrong you are!

Yesterday, I went shopping with the girlies and we stubbled across the lingerie retailer Ann Summers. With valentines on the way, I thought it only fitting to get some new underwear!

Wandering around I stubbles across these little gems!



I also purchased the matching g string, which cost me £3.50 instead of £10!

I saved well over £50 and I can happily say that I am proud of my bargains!

These were hidden, and there wasn't an actual sales section so make sure you check around and look for the bargains!

So, why did you get in the January sales?


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