Wednesday, 16 January 2013

How to: Caring for blonde hair

Through the years, I've been every hair colour under the sun:- black, dark brown, red ... pink! (before it was cool) but I always return to my favourite hair colour .... Light Blonde! (yes, I am barbie!)

However, being so blonde was never an easy mission. I am naturally a medium brown, which you'd think would be easy to dye blonde ... apart from my natural red tint :( I never was able to straight on bleach it without it turning a vivid ginger. But with time, patience and a little help from some brilliant products, I managed to obtain my dream hair colour!





So, the products I use to maintain the blonde - Purple Shampoo

My favourite has got to be L'Oreal Professionnel Silver Shampoo, expensive but I really feel like it takes the horrid yellow, brassy tones. Although it's quite expensive at £11 a bottle, I would recommend searching on eBay for better results.

Deep Conditioner

My all time favourite leave in conditioner, without a doubt has got to be Aussie's 3 minute miracle in reconstructor! it is a complete god send to my hair! I will leave it on my hair for as long as I can bare it and my hair always feels alot healthier, shinier and softer. Another high end product but I know Asda or Superdrug do 3 for £10 on Aussie products all the time and a bottle of the stuff last a good few months!

How I went from dark to blonde:

Oh gosh, I would like to say now that the way I went from dark to blonde is a long process. I put my condition of my hair first before the colour. I would recommend getting a local hairdresser (or if you dare do it yourself!) and bleach your hair :( or use the Live XXL absolute Platinum hair dye to try and take out all the dark pigment out of your hair. Also, if you could get hold of a bleach with a blue tint, this will help tone down the brassy tones. y
Yes, you may go ginger but with a help of a good toner (L'Oreal PO1 is brilliant) AND purple shampoo (L'Oreal or touch of silver if you cannot afford the L'Oreal) With time, your hair WILL lighten, just don't do it every week like I know it may be tempting to!

I hope this helps anyone who wants to go from dark to blonde, we do have ALOT of fun ;)



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