Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lipstick review - 17 & Rimmel

I adore lipsticks. I used to be more of a lipgloss girl when I was younger, but through the years I have developed an obsession with lipsticks, lip stains, lip pens! everything that makes my lips POP!

One Friday, after my Politics seminars, I decided to do a usual browse through boots and discovered that there was a 'buy one get one half price' on all 17 products. Not only that, but I had a voucher for triple points on all 17 products. Now, I think it was due to the fact that they had 'revamped' the brand.

The first lipstick that I brought is, well, more of a lipgloss that a lipstick. The Mirror Shine lipstick boasts to be a lipgloss as a stick & is quite literally what it says on the tube! I picked up this beautiful shade 'Shouty'

I really like this shade as I think pink/coral tones really suits my skin & lipglosses are simple and easy to wear. Plus, the lipstick contains a mirror so it's easy to use on the go!

The second & third lipstick are from the Supreme Shine range. I believe that the range is relatively new & I quite like the shiny, metallic packaging.
Although you cannot really see it on the pictures, the lipsticks give a really good coverage & are so bright and eye-catching, which I adore!

My fourth and final lipstick is from the Lasting Fix range - which gives away its most useful factor in the title!

Aaa, more pink lipstick to add to my collection! Although it isn't as bright, I consider it to be one of my more 'formal' lipsticks - suitable for any occasion!

Now, the Rimmel lipglosses! I've always loved the very British brand! and the Kate Moss red lipstick will probably always be my all time favourite so when my friend mentioned the new lipglosses, I knew temptation would over rule me!

The pink shade is called 'Apocalips', and the red 'Big Bang'. I adore both of these shades of lipgloss & they last so long! I couldn't believe it! and they are very similar to a lip stain - which I like!

Girls love shoes, diamonds & puppies. But to me, lipsticks are a girls best friend



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