Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Inspiration/idols

Hello my Beauties!

Everyone has their inspirations - be it Wayne Rooney or Jessie j, everyone has that one (or few) person that gives them hope & helps them pursue their dreams. I have 3 main ones & after reading an article in the sun about Dizzy Sophie Webster (well, whatever her name is) being pro-anorexia, I had to share mine. I have been anorexic twice in my life time, & I'm still very much in a love/hate relationship with it. These few people are my 'thinspiration' so to speak:

Audrey Hepburn:
What an incredible woman. One of the most glamorous sophisticated actresses of the 1950/60s. A fashion Icon, Audrey is well known for her role in Breakfast at Tiffany's - the movie in which I fell for Miss Hepburn. When I saw her again in the galaxy advert - it just reminded me how much I adore her. She was always a petite creature - with the most infectious smile & brilliant personality which you can just gather by her face. Although she died over 20 years ago (rest her soul) She is still very much alive in British Culture & influencing our fashion. 

Marilyn Monroe:

Aah, the original Blonde bombshell - and the woman who I have gotten so much inspiration from. Again, she has had such an affect on our Art culture and the English speaking world altogether. Her bleach blonde locks are iconic & something I always wanted to resemble. Her acting in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes & How to Marry a Millionaire is amazing and extremely humorous. And once more,  she wasn't a stick. She was a curvy size 14 around the hips, she smoked, she drank but she was still very much an admirable woman. I love her so much that I have even got a quote of her on my right hand side My very first tattoo <3

Kim Kardashian:
This woman gets a lot of hate from the press, but I cannot help but admire her & her sisters. Whatever she does, she does it off her own back - her clothes line, her successful perfume line, everything - she's an exceptional business woman. Yes, she may have done some crappy stuff but beyond that she is a very charming, loving lady. &, again, she excepts her curves - and my god I wish I had that body. Her features in the face are extraordinary & I cannot help but feel envy towards her. Just. Wow.

Who are your inspirations?


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