Sunday, 3 March 2013

Too much, Too young? Leeds 2013

Hello my Darlings!

As you may have read in your last post, yesterday I ventured out to the eastern side of the UK to the city of Leeds. As soon as we arrived on the train & I could see the tall buildings, I knew I would love the city. It was like a more local London, surrounded with the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen!

File:Leeds Civic Hall.jpgFile:Bridgewater place,Leeds.JPG

How beautiful are these buildings? But, as much as I love the architecture, it wasn't my soul reason for going to Leeds. My first reason was to attend the ARK warehouse sale. I will be doing a post on this later in the week but i'll give you a taster of what happened. Basically, Ark sent an email out around saying that they were holding a 90% sale on their clothing at a warehouse. And so we went & I was lucky enough to get £250 worth of stuff for a mere £54! I was extremely chuffed!!

My second reason included my brilliant photographer friend Tilly Kozimor. As a Fashion photographer, Me & Tilly wanted to go to the 'Leeds Meet up' to see the latest fashion trends & to take photo of those who interested her taste. We arrived at the Millenium Square at around 1:30 - 2 o'clock & couldn't control our nerves & excitement to meet new people & to experience the teen fashion.

 However, I was slightly disappointed. I don't  know if it was because not many people stood out due to them all looking similar or the sheer fact that the teenagers were rather drunk & high, which for me spoilt it. which comes on to my next point - is it just me growing up? It's normal for teens to want to try things & god I can remember the giddiness of getting drunk underaged but I couldn't help think it was a little immature. Damn growing up :(

Nevertheless, I still love the city & the new atmosphere - & some of the people that I met were amazing! & as soon as I can find them on Facebook, I'll upload there pics.

Have you ever been to Leeds?


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