Tuesday, 12 March 2013

T Shirt review - Dead Legacy

I love T shirts. Who doesn't? But I love T shirts with women on it - There's nothing like a sexy female on your chest to keep you motivated ay? Just kidding.

I don't know why I like it, probably due to the fact that I envy the woman or just think they're totally hot.

Whilst searching the web, I came across the mens clothing brand Dead Legacy, who specialise in creating there own style, and not to follow the recent trends. This I really like about the brand as you wont see another T Shirt like it & I can pretend to be a total hipster in them.

Not only that, but the brand is involved with the Luey Jacob Sharp Foundation which helps families who have suffered with gastroschisis.

Anyway, I came across this gorgeous T shirt:

Now I know some people hate women with tattoos, but I absolutely love this! and the tattoo is absolutely gorgeous.

As soon as it arrived in my post, I couldn't resist to put it on! and I am happy to say that I LOVE IT!! although the top is a little bit smaller than what I would normally go for, I love the new t shirt feeling. The quality of the print is really good, which is great to hear as it means it will last ages.

I also got the 'Dead Legacy' band, which I believe you get with every purchase:

All pictures are curtosy of Dead Legacy as my Tee is currently in the wash!

But seriously, check out there other designs for males & females! click here!


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