Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Why you should check out your local Charity Shop ...

Hello my Lovelies!

I have had so many blog Ideas going through my head recently but I have decided, seeing as I have the items with me, to do a post about charity shops.

Everyone likes a bargain. And everyone likes getting designer items for a fraction of the price. But would you ever think about going to a charity shop? probably not.

On Tuesday me, my mother & my mother-in-law went to the little (posh) town of Ashbourne, Derbyshire. My mum is very much a cheap person & is always looking for a bargain (which is definitely reflected in me!) scouring the reduction section and charity shops. There were a few charity shops in Ashbourne that we visited & I really liked one shop. When I go looking in Charity shops, I look from brands - well, designer brands - because I can never usually buy anything full priced. A lookie what I found! :

A genuine Ralph Lauren Shirt! To me, this is exciting stuff as it was a bargain for less than a fiver! And just browsing through the website - the shirt would have been £85! WOW!! I am going to wear this shirt with either white jeans/trousers or black leggings & a white top underneath.

I'm also a vintage junkie, but I sometimes think the vintage prices are well - overpriced. I've been after a 50's looking bag for god know how long & found this:

How beautiful it this? So bloody cheap!

So, when you go past your local charity shop, don't be 'stuck up' about going in because you may get the best bargain of your life! or find a little designer gem, like I did!

Whats been your best charity shop find?


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