Saturday, 13 April 2013

Do McWorkers have souls? - my first column piece

I am not the typical person you would expect to work in McDonalds. For example, you would expect a grotty, spotty faced teenager who has failed his (or her) GCSEs and will be on a minimum wage all their life.

On the contrary, I am well presented, clean faced young woman who works at the fast food chain not only to gain more cash, but to actually gain a representable work ethic. Surprising, huh?
Well, not really. The judgement of fast-food workers is unbelievable – and extremely unfair. The amount of times I have been snubbed by snobby kids is unbelievable.

To be frank, half the people who actually work at McDonalds are either students who are at university or college, or they’re trying to get another job but need money.

I remember serving one obese balding man who – because I was blonde – insinuated I was ditsy & failing at life. I soon shut him up when I told him I was at university & a student journalist.


Why judge someone who works at a fast-food restaurant? At the end of the day, you can’t be that great if you’re coming into McDonalds instead of the Ritz. Without us, you wouldn’t have your greasy Big Mac and fried fat. McBots haven’t been invented. Yet.

So next time you have a KFC or a McDonalds, treat your server with a little bit of respect. You never know what they may do to your burger.

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