Thursday, 25 April 2013

My developing life as a Journalist

Hello my beauties!

This past few months at university have been rather chaotic; one 2,000 word essay talking about council tax, developing my writing skills to be able to successful write decent articles and enjoying the social aspect by celebrating life with the four most amazing girls!

This month, my first article was published - and if you follow me on Facebook or Twiiter, you'll know how exstatic I have been. The article was about the guys who produced 'Feel the Love' Rudimental and I was successful enough to interview one of the band members Piers Agget. I absolutely loved interviewing him and he was exceptionally understandable when I began to stutter and get nervous.

Last Friday, I finally saw my article in full in The Nottingham Post which is Nottingham's local newspaper. Talk about a proud journalistic moment!

I then found out that my article was being used into today's East Midlands Metro, which is absolutely phenomenal as it won't just be hitting Nottingham, but my hometown Derby and Leicester.

I wouldn't change this lifestyle for the world as it has opened so much more opportunities than I ever imagined. And for that, I'm so grateful!

However, I am going to dedicate my weekend to reviewing more stuff for this blog and I am going to run a competition!

I feel like I've been slacking on the blog, and I think it's time we had some 'me time'
Hope you are all well, and have a lovely day!


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