Sunday, 28 April 2013

Fashion: My favourite pieces!

Hello Beautifuls!

I haven't done a fashion piece for a while, So I thought I'd share the items I am Loving this summer!

New Look - £24.99

Aaa piece that I am so excited to wear a pair of dungarees! If you want a piece that will remind you of a hazy summer day when you were a child, these will certainly do the trick! I decided to purchase a light pair of short dungarees with a slight acid wash because I think it will be easier to incorporate these into my wardrobe. I think I'll probably wear this with a plain white crop top (or any other plain crop top for that matter!) and maybe my white converse for a cute, laid back look. Or, a checked shirt with a cute pair of ankle boots. Of course, there are lots of different style of dungarees at the moment; floral, long, short, striped! So there is a variety of dungarees to play about with. 

Crop Tops - £8

I love crop tops, they are a huge 80s'/90's flashback and whenever I seem to wear one my mum always ends up telling me about how she used to wear them when she was my age. I love the fact that they can be worn on a night out or more casually depending how you wear them. As suggested above, I'm going to wear these with dungarees and I love teaming up my black long sleeved crop top with a bright blue midi skirt or wearing a crop top with a design on, such as the one above, with either a pair of disco pants or a pair of ripped jeans

Midi Skirts - £12.99

Since it's becoming warmer (and my legs are finally turning a nice, brown shade!) I think its time to start wearing the skirts again. Midi skirts, like a crop top, can be warn either casually or more formally. I really like this skirt by because it is really bold and can be styled with a plain crop top (yes, I am obsessed with crop tops!) With the midi skirts, I think the bolder the better as it will make more of a statement and will become easier to style around!

Midi Dresses
OMG Fashion - £15

There really is an obsession with medium length skirts and dresses at the moment, which I am not complaining about as it shows the more 'classier' and 'sophisticated' side of women. The midi dress can be styled for both day and night purposes - which is really great because I love this style of dress. Like the style above, the dress can have quite a 'fun', 'pop arty' feel to it which makes it really fun and is definitely a statement piece. However, there is lots of variety of midi dresses like tie dye, plain with long sleeves or printed. I usually wear my tie-dye midi dresses with a pair of tan sandals and my vintage leather jacket

What is your favourite piece for this summer?

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