Monday, 15 April 2013


Being students is never easy on anyone’s bank account. All the nights out, the independent living and feeling like you can’t afford any luxury items anymore. Well, you can think again! After much research (and personal experiences) I am going to tell you my 3 top tips so you can afford the stuff you really want.
1. Joining ‘groupon’ sites:  Sites such as ‘wowcher’ are great places to get 50% of things that interest you. For example, when I looked at deals in Nottingham I found:
Get the stuff you want for less

All you have to do is sign up using your email, and select your location. Then every week they will send you the best deals. Another site you can use is BuyaPowa, which is a little different to Wowcher. BuyaPowa use group buying to get you the best price for an item of your choice. Your recommend an item, they will send you an email when it’s live and the more people that buy the product, the cheaper it gets.
Get the stuff you want for less

2. Check out ‘Freebie’ Sites: All across the web are sites that offer great discounts and even tell you where you can get free items. One of those sights is ‘10 ways to have more money as a student, without working’.
Get the stuff you want for lessGet the stuff you want for less

Another great site is The Social Networking Site: This site offers beauty / fashion items for up to 90% off the RRP! Which makes it a lot more purse (or wallet) friendly.
3. Want Designer? Check out T K Maxx: Now, I know that not everyone is a fan of T K Maxx but as a regular shopper there myself, I can definitely say that the company has grown and become a lot better.
Get the stuff you want for less

After a recent shop there, I brought a pair of real Kurt Geiger shoes – which would have been £140 full price – for a measly £40! Meaning I saved over 50%. Plus, they are doing more high market brands such as Jeffrey Campbell and Guess – giving you more value for your money.
Happy Saving!

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