Saturday, 27 April 2013

The day I met a prince ...

Hello my Lovelies!

Friday, was one of those days that only happen once in a blue moon. In the city of Nottingham, his royal highness Prince Harry came to visit the town folk; in which he opened a charity and also visited Confetti who are also in partnership with our university to create Nottingham TV!

The Prince's cheeky grin

Our day started by waiting outside the Confetti studios from 11:45. At this point the crowd was quite small, meaning that we were able to get a brilliant shot of the Prince when he arrived. Soon, the crowds began to grow - and entertainment was introduced in the form of delicious cupcakes! yum!

My first sighting on Prince Harry

By the time 1:45 came along, the crowd had grown to over 500 people - and also included one owl and one white dog (so adorable). The crowd anticipated the presence of Harry, and with him already being 15 minutes late - excitement was becoming heightened. Out of the blue, a white Jaguar had turned onto the street and uproar was created through the crowd as we all seeked of a sight of prince Harry.

Unfortunately, he was swiftly moved inside for an hour to do things such as Djing, playing on a game which had his face on and creating a short film scene. This could all be seen on a big scene, which was open for the public. 

When he did eventually come out, the crowd once more went crazy as he began to shake hands with citizens. He was only a few metres away and I managed to talk some great photos of him.
The Prince with The Nottingham Post

I do love Prince Harry; all his work for the deprived families really hits the right message out to the public and reminds us all of the work that his mother - the late and great Princess Diana - did for the people of England. This day will forever be a favourite of mine - and I will hopefully be able to meet Prince William and Kate one day - one day ....

Have you ever met any Royalty? 

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