Saturday, 27 April 2013

Review: The Mrs Carter Show

Beyonce. The Queen B. The woman that, from last night, I inspire to be.

I am not a 'super' fan of Beyonce, I adore her music! But, I'm not overly obsessed.

But when I heard that she was hitting the UK - I found myself needing a ticket. Come on, how many times do you see Beyonce tour Britain?!


So, I tried twice for tickets; once with O2 priority moments (for which I was unsuccessful) and once on the general release. I couldn't contain my excitement when I managed to purchase two tickets for me and my younger sister.

And the day finally came; two train tickets and a hotel room later and I was queuing outside the LG Arena. After seeing Katy Perry live, I got the gist that you have to go to the arena pretty early in order to get the best standing places for the concert. Even when we queued two hours earlier, I believed that we were right back of the queue as I couldn't even see the arena doors!

Oh, how I was wrong. A few minutes before the opening of the doors, I saw a mass of people queuing behind me - I'm talking at least 1,000 (which gave me some hope that we could be near the front). So, after 3 hours of queueing, we managed to get to the barrier - which me and Elysse were pretty stoked about!

However, The concert started a little late - but that didn't effect the quality of the show. The Support act, Luke James, was absolutely incredible. His sexy vibe could be felt through all the arena- winning the hearts of all the women. If he does decide to break Britain, I can promise you he'll be a huge success. His performance reminded me a lot of a mixture between Jason Derulo and Nelly - a sexy, sultry vibe that is regularly produced by new, upcoming artists.

Luke James

Finally, after a short interval and with an impatient atmosphere being created, Beyonce entered the stage with a bang. Using the ideology of the Gothic, a screen was filled of similar images from her original tour advert (ofcourse!) which shows, to me, the power that Beyonce has and the comfort she has with her sexuality.

Opening with 'Run the World' Beyonce began to please the crowd with her presence, sending people wild and actually causing people to faint. She was breath-taking, pure elegance and sass - simply amazing. The excitement drawn by this performance gave a promising outlook at the whole performance.

She sang some of the classics, including 'Single Ladies', 'Irreplaceable' and 'Crazy in Love' and some of her new songs including 'Grown Woman' which features on the Pepsi advert. 

The team, which consisted of an all female cast, put on a great performance. The back-up singers 'The Mamas' were loved by the audience, and are favourites of Beyonce as they have appeared in some of her past concerts.

Such creativity went into producing the show, producing the message of 'power to women' which is incredible. She shows that all woman have a sort of power; through sexuality and independence. This message really stuck with me and is very inspiring. The show even showed some personal images of Beyonce and her daughter; which is very different from a very private Beyonce.

Here are a few images of the show:

Beyonce performing 'Run the World'

If I were a Boy ...

Beyonce owning the stage

Brilliant interaction with the audience

I am ... Sasha Fierce

My Favourite Image of Beyonce

Grown Woman (curtosy of Elysse)

Just .... wow (curtosy of Elysse)

Overall, the concert was amazing, inspiring and a lifetime experience. You can tell Beyonce loves what she does - the energy created by her and the audience made an amazing atmosphere. The fact that she included most of her greatest hits justifies the fact that, unless you live in a shell,you cannot escape from her music. And even if you are not a super fan, like myself, you will still be able to sing and dance to her music. If you ever get the opportunity to see Mrs Carter - I strongly advise you do. It's an experience I'll never forget.

Have you ever seen Beyonce live? What's your favourite concert experience?

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  1. I'm sorry, but this review really sucks. Your method of engaging is really poor. Find your niche.

  2. Thank you for your feedback, Ill try to work on it next time ...

    L x

  3. This is poorly written and I feel I gain nothing from reading this. I like to read reviews and wish I was there, this did nothing of the sort.

  4. This review is absolutely dreadful. Please rethink your career path if you are serious about being a journalist!

  5. I was there on Friday night too. She was due on at 9pm so at the very most it started 5 mins late. I wasn't very impressed with the support act. He had a good voice but it's nothing that hasn't been done so many times before, there was nothing new or interesting with him in my opinion. He mainly seemed to get cheers from the crowd by taking his shirt off and saying 'Beyonce'. The crowd around me (further back towards the Bey stage) got more excited by the Mexican Wave going around than the support.

    Beyonce, the dancers, the Mamma's and the band where absolutely amazing. They really do know how to put on a show. She just did the one new song, which is very catchy, and meant that everything else was well known and had the whole crowd joining in. The atmosphere in the arena was fantastic. I would of loved to have been in the seated area to get a whole view of the stage. I liked the videos and dancers when it was time for a wardrobe change. The personal footage was from her documentary, which was shown recently in the run up to the tour.

    It was a incredible show, i'm so glad that I got to tickets to experience Beyonce live, if you get a chance to go definitely do it!

  6. Is this for the firday night or saturday night picrutes ???

  7. Thanks for the feedback guys. I am trying to develop my review skills and I know there is room for improvement. It's something I do struggle with - you can ask my lecturers. I will probably rewrite this today, and try to improve the review. Yes, I do want to become a journalist - I am only a student journo and I'm still learning the skills of the trade.

    L x

  8. I think this review is great... If it's on a blog you can write in your own style and break the mould of a normal review, which I think this one does! Not only reviews the concert, but the experience as a whole from getting the tickets in the first place to queing and then the concert itself. Keep up the good work. Anyone who writes a negative response frankly has too much time on their hands!!