Sunday, 28 April 2013

Website of the Week: Fragrance Direct

Hello Gorgeous!

Do you like beauty bargains?

Good, because you are reading the right post.

I love make up. In fact, you could say I am a little bit obsessed. I can just walk into boots or superdrug and pick up a new lipstick just because I don't think I have that colour.

However, I have found a new site to help my cravings with make up. Fragrance Direct is a website that deals with delivering discounted fragrances to people like me and you.

I however, use it to get the best price out of quality products such as Essie nail polish and Dainty Doll products.

Essie nail polishes are pretty expensive at a rate of £7.99 per polish, and i'm afraid I really cannot justify that. On Fragrance Direct, the polishes are only £1.99! which is quite a bargain compared to the £8. The catch? there are only a selected amount of polishes - but if you check regularly you may be able to find different polishes and one you are after.

Dainty Doll is also quite expensive, and with it slowly disappearing from the market - it is becoming harder to find. Fragrance Direct have most of the products from the Dainty Doll collection at a fraction of the price.

More Bargains can be found amongst the website if you have a good look around, you never know what you may find!

Have you used this website before? What are your must-have make up bargains?

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