Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lauren Lee, Lauren Lee ... Where have you been?

Hello my gorgeous readers!

I have become a busy bee over the last few months ... Well, since the beginning of this year to be fair and I want to tell you about my reasons why I have been so busy.

Because I commute for university everyday, I found it a real struggle to make new friends as I couldn't go out whenever I wanted to. I work most weekends and I find it a real struggle to keep up with my social life.

However, over the last few months I have become close to 4 amazing individuals - Laura Hartley, Stephanie Mullholland, Emily Oakden and last but not least Vicky Muxlow. So, I am going to explain why these girls are the reason for my absence.


Laura Hartley: The first girl I actually got close to, and the mummy of the group. This girl is constantly bubbly no matter how she may be feeling inside. She is kind hearted and is always the one to make everyone laugh. Addicted to sport, I know one day she will make a great sports journalism - I mean, come on? How many women do you see kicking guy's butts with the amount of sports knowledge she knows.


Stephanie Mullholland: Steph, where do I start with you? you are the one that I am so close to. Literally  my boyfriend actually thinks were lesbians we are that close! You are there whenever I need you, you have helped me accomplish so much; like my blog and other journalistic opportunities. I know times have been rough for you this past few months, but I know that from now on everything will sort itself up. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be spending the summer with you in Oxford and attending the Y Not festival.

Emily Oakden: Oh, how you make me giggle! another girl I am really close to - my gym buddie who I can literally tell anything to. You are such a nice girl who really does deserve to meet the Queen - and I know for a fact that you will live that dream. I cannot wait for the day that I am sat there, reading your views about the latest Monarch or what Prince Harry did today. Keep making me giggle girl! and stop air-brushing me ;) #Mandyloyal

Vicky Muxlow: My tanning buddy who I actually got really close to when you were seemingly drunk on your birthday! A night in which you decided to spill the tea I had freshly made down your leg because it was rubbish :( I am extremely jealous of your body (damn cakes!) and I know one day you will make a fabulous journalist! You always make me smile and I cannot wait for another night out with you :)

These girls are the reason why I make the effort to go to university everyday  the reason that I haven't dropped out and one of the reasons why I find a reason to smile everyday. I cannot wait for another cocktail night out with you all. I love you dearly!

Have you ever find yourself that close to your friends their like family?

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