Saturday, 13 April 2013

Philpott’s second day at court – dogging, cannabis and being a control freak

My first attempt (and assessment) of a court report :)

On the 20th day of the trial, the father of the six children who died in a house fire in Derby has admitted to having a threesome and using the class B drug, Cannabis.

Michael Philpott, 56, of Victory Road, Derby is to be on the stand for a second day at Nottingham Crown Court after being accused of killing six of his 17 children at Derby.

Jade, ten, and her brothers John, nine, Jack, eight, Jesse, six, and Jayden, five, all died from smoke related injuries caused by the house fire on Victory Road, Allenton.

Their older brother Duwayne, 13, died at hospital three days later.

Mick, wife Mairead & close friend Paul have all pleaded not guilty to killing six children that died in a house fire in the early hours of May 11th 2012.

Mick Philpott told the court how he, his wife 31-year-old Mairead and their friend Paul Mosley, 46, had a threesome hours before the fire began – labeling it as ‘degrading’ and said that it should never have happened.

However when questioned by Mr Smith, who is defending Mairead, Mick told on how he would regular go ‘dogging’ with Mairead.

He also revealed the fact that his former mistress, Miss Willis, and his wife were in a sexual relationship and would love to watch them have sex.

'It's all about L-O-V-E.'.

He told how after the threesome, he went out to fetch some cannabis for Mosley – a drug that he expressed to Judge Thirlwall he used to help ‘deal’ with what had happened.

Mr Shaun Smith then went on to ask if Mr Philpott thought he was a control freak, and enquired if Miss Willis had ‘escaped’ his grasp as it was alleged that Philpott had been extremely controlling over her and his wife – which he has strongly denied.

Revealing his true emotions, Philpott wept in the dock as he heard the tragic 999 phone call, and broke down in the docks – weeping for his children who he called ‘babies’.

The trial continues.

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