Wednesday, 27 February 2013

First attempt at a personal blog!

Friendly serivce? Don't make me laugh!

Being a commuting student, I  travel on godforsaken, untimely buses regularly.
Women blaring on their phones ranting on about their insufficient lovers, toddlers screaming at the top of their lungs and grannies that won’t shut up about their pet dog Norris.  Not to mention the drivers who are either checking you out or wouldn’t help you if you were on fire.
Sometimes I wonder why I don’t just buy a banger & use that – oh yeah, the unaffordable insurance.
I am a very polite person – letting the elderly have a seat and listening to them nag about ‘our generation’ being rude. However, I can’t help but find them hypocritical.
A perfect example happened to me yesterday whilst I was waiting for my bus back to Belper. There was a pretty long queue due to the unreliable Trent Barton & I was near the front. 
To the left of me was this old women who just seemed to hover, taking no notice of the queue. She went on to fetch her ticket from the office & had the nerve to push in behind me – claiming that she was here before everyone else.
And what’s worse? She was then moaning about a young girl who had ‘pushed’ to the front. Really she was waiting for the next bus, and I couldn’t help but feel anger towards the old women.
Using the bus service, you expect to be treated fairly and like a human, not like a zoo animal. Well –  so I thought!

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