Thursday, 14 February 2013

L'Occitane Honey Hand Cream Review


This will be a quick review on a new gem that I have discovered!


L'Occitane, founded in 1976, is a brand which specialises in looking after the community, creating sustainability in the products that they use such as honey or lavender & have even created a foundation to help Burkina woman who farm Shea butter.

Using the L'Occitane voucher that I was given, I decided to purchase the Honey hand cream (worth £8) which uses both honey & Shea butter to moisturise, protect & soften your hands.

Due to working in a Fast Food restaurant, I have terrible skin on my arms & hands. Although I love Hand Food by Soap & Glory - L'Occitane have made an exceptional hand cream!

The smell is absolutely delightful! The rich honey smell really is tantalising! The cream itself really does do wonders for your hands. I've only used it for a day and have already fell in love. Although the cream is expensive for saying its £8 for 30ml, I really do like & recommend the cream.

What's your favourite hand cream?


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