Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hair Review: Macadamia Oil 'Get Hooked'

Hello my Beauties!

Welcome to my new blog! I hope for great things to come from this blog so here's a start!

I was lucky enough to be sent the 'Get Hooked' gift set by Macadamia natural oil - a brand that uses macadamia oil infused with other natural ingredients to create superior hair care products. And with the brand receiving a number of rewards, it must be good! The gift set contained 2 products:- a 30ml sample of the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment & 30ml Deep Repair Masque. The oil is suitable for all hair types & boasts about being nourishing, de-tangling hair & generally making your hair easier to manage. 

When I was using these product, there was one thing that struck me straight away - the gorgeous yet alluring smell! you can really smell the macadamia oil & it is divinely sweet! I decided that I would use the mask first as it made sense to do so. It recommended that you left on the masque on for 7 minutes & to put it on wet hair. However, I decided to leave the mask on for about an hiur as I wanted to get the full benefit. The masque was a peachy/orange consistency and smelt divine. After I washed the masque, my hair felt and looked physically healthier - which I was pleasantly surprised about seeing as my hair had been over processed for so long. 

The healing treatment sealed the deal & I was completely amazed by it! It really felt like my hair was healing! my hair was smooth, UV protected & became easily de tangled  & I sincerely recommend the product. In fact, I shall be ordering both of these as soon as my pay check comes through!

The products can be purchased from their website & see for yourself the amazing goodness!


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