Friday, 15 February 2013

I love you from the bottom of my pencilcase


It's silly isn't it?

How One song can mean so much to you. It may not even be relevant to you or your situation - but somehow, a song will have an influence in your life. 

For example; the song A Song For Whoever by The Beautiful South shouldn't really be counted as a love song but to me, it's one of the key songs for my relationship. 

I mean, the song is basically insinuating that he only uses the women in order to get a number one track. Not exactly my idea of romance.

And yet, I love the song! As, for me, it has appeared in many key parts of my life. When I began to fall in love with Ryan & he would cuddle me while playing the song, Me realising that I needed to be with him when we split up &, it also confirmed our love - making it one of 'our' songs.

Bit of a random post, but it just go me thinking - most couples have a song; their first kiss, making love, falling in love with one and other. The power of music is far more powerful that is seems...


So, do you have a song?



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