Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Quick update!

Hello Again my sweets!

Well it's pretty late here in Ye Olde Derbyshire but I thought it would only be fair to justify my recent absence, which I apologise for.

Again, University has took it's toll on my life & i've had 3 piece of work to complete in under 2 weeks (deamn journos and their deadlines) & on top of that, I've been writing an article which will soon be published for the Nottingham Trent University Paper. This will be my official first piece of published work & I am extremely excited about this!

I also have been trying to spend alot of time with my long-term boyfriend Ryan because he's been going through a rought time & thats how I am when it comes to him! He is my absolute world!

However, I have had a few products sent to me which I am currently reviewing - including hair and body items so stay tuned lovelies!



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