Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Phone Case Review: Alexis Vintage Phone cases

Hello my Darlings!

As you know, I am a softy for phone cases and was recommended by a friend to try out a woman called Alexis Vintage Phone Case. This extraordinary woman hand makes phone cases, hand mirrors and most recently USB cables all to your own preference - making each case she does unique. When in the process of deciding what phone case I would like - Alexis came up with the idea of doing something a little bit difference & put a real mirror on the front. Ofcourse, I was extremely excited as this would (for know) be one of a kind.

After a few days of waiting, I was greeted with a package at the door & low and behold:




How beautiful is this? The amount of effort into the detail on the case. It - for me - completely describes femininity & beauty, which I totally love. I also like the fact that inside the case has 2 pockets for cards & a side pocket.

I would really recommend that you take a peek at her site & get your own!



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