Friday, 8 February 2013

Today's been a good day ...

Hello my Beauties!

This post will probably be very short in length but I cannot contain my excitement! Today I have had two very exciting pieces of news:

1. I have gotten back some of my results

For saying these pieces were one of my first deadlines, I am exceptionally happy to say that I gained a High 2/2 in my assessments! (which is basically a C) I am over the moon as one of the pieces was unedited because I stupidly gave in the wrong piece :( But still, I'm thrilled!

2. I have got my first printed piece!

YAYAYAY! Although I adore my blog & it's amazing followers (Yes, you!) I have managed to get an article in my university paper! EEEK! exciting stuff


Sorry if you can't read it, it was the best I could do :)

Also, a little note aswell: I wanted all my followers that I love them very dearly & apprewciate everything you are doing. I hope for many more great posts to come!



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