Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hair Colour review - Candy Floss by Colour Craze

Hello my Lovlies,

For the past few weeks I have been ooohing and awwwing about dying my luscious blonde hair to a pastel pink. I had been waiting for the L'Oreal Pastel Pink to become available in the Derby or Nottingham Boots but I'm an extremely inpatient person! So, I went to my alternative hair store Xpression and brought this:

For light/bleached hair, I thought it would be perfect for my hair. How wrong was I!

Firstly, the mixture was extremely runny - It could be just preference but I prefer a thicker consistancy.

Secondly, & probably the worst part: I brought TWO bottles of EXACTLY the same product, colour everything. And guess what? one colour was DARKER than the other. I was horrified! 

After watering the colour with conditioner, and leaving the colour on for 1 hour I was left with this:


The photos are a little deceiving - the colour came out patchy, bright pink in some places and peachy in others. I absolutely hated it! My hair was bleach blonde/platinum blonde and I do not understand why the hair colour came out this way.

I sincerely do not recommend the brand, and recommend that you use Directions pink mixed with conditioner.




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