Monday, 17 June 2013

Lauren's trip to London!

Hello Beautiful!

London. The one place in the world where I think I belong. The bustling streets, the breathtaking yet iconic sights and, of course, the most beautiful and exquisite shops that surround the centre of London. Everything I adore.

I went to city to attend the Dolls London clothing line launch, which is a new and upcoming brand. The clothing will soon be available to buy on line, and I can honestly say that some of the swimsuits are to die for!

Although I have been to London a few times, I have not seen all of it and Steph became my personal tour guide and I got to see some incredible sights! Here are some of them:

Leicester Square


The Ritz

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

St Paul's Cathedral

I cannot wait to return to the big city. Also, I want to apologise for the lack of posts - I can honestly say I've had a rough week. I shall be blogging a lot more this week.

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