Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lush Review - 'Sweetie Pie' Shower Jellie

Hello Beautiful!

Have you ever looked at a product and thought to yourself? 'There's such a product?' 'How do you exsisit!'

Well, that's exactly the thought I had when I saw the 'Sweetie Pie' shower jelly from Lush. Yes, you read it right - Shower Jelly!

Originally created for it's 10th birthday - shower jelly is for the people who are looking for a different way to wash their 'wobbly bits'.

The carrageen seaweed is the key ingredient to make the jelly well, a jelly! With the added coconut and cherries; it smells like childhood sweeties (my mum said that it smells of dibdabs). The added glitter to the jelly was a bonus and really adds a feminine (or childish, ahem) touch to the jelly! yay!

I couldn't wait to use this product when I got home! and, I must confess, kept playing with it like an amused child!

The Packaging

What's good about this product is that it can be used chilled or frozen (to cool down sunburn) or as it is if you want it a little bit more bearing!

I actually loved using this product! although it is tricky to use - I think it added to the fun! And after the bath I smelt absolutely divine!

The Jelly!

I totally recommend this product if you want a different and amusing way to bathe and, like me, love a good sweet smell!

However, have no fear if you do not like sweet things as Lush have a more refreshing shower jelly called 'Whoosh'

Will you be testing the shower jelly out? What's the weirdest product you've used?

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