Friday, 28 June 2013

Product Review: VIP tan by Vicky

Hello Beautiful!

If you don't know me, there's two things you should know: 1. I am completely obsessed with Geordie Shore. 2. In this last year, I have discovered a love for a glowing tan - real or not.

So when these two became combined, you could imagine my excitement. Vicky Pattison, the feisty female who is always looking a million pounds, has released her own tanning line named VIP tan. With a choice of light to extra dark shades, spray or mousse, the consumer is spoiled for choice!

Ofcourse, I was first in line to buy the product & I happily received it yesterday. I decided on the shade 'Golden Goddess' which is the medium shade, and in the mousse form as I find it a lot easier to apply.

The VIP Tan by Vicky - Mousse
So, as with all normal fake tans, I gently exfoliated my legs with an exfoliating glove and applied the mousse with a mitt. The mousse was very easy to apply and with the solution being tinted, you can make sure that the application isn't streaky.

Before and after application

As you can see with the above image, even before it's developed it has a gorgeous glow. And I couldn't wait for it to develop.

When I woke up, I was so happy with the results - as well as the face that it hasn't come off on my bedsheets. Being a pale gal, the darkness and glow of my skin was amazing and I simply cannot get enough of it.

After full development time
I really do love this fake tan - and have since applied another coat just to see how dark I can go! And with a 10% discount at the moment, I would recommend using it while it's still available.

Me, yesterday.

Will you be trying the tan? 

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