Friday, 21 June 2013

Review: Ann Summers

Hello Gorgeous!

When it comes to underwear, I don't mind splashing some cash. When I was a wee teenager, I discovered I had the odd or unpopular bra size of a 32D/30DD and had to search around to try to find the most affordable bras. This bra size is still a rarity in itself, however I have found that the popular lingerie company Ann Summers always has my size!

I was recently sent 2 sets of underwear from the brand and I can say I am totally in love with them! The bras give you the well needed support and don't rub onto your skin. The pants aren't too tight so they do not show any unnecessary pant line. I just love them!

Enigma Navy Balconette Bra - £26
I adore the colour of this bra - a lovely deep navy look, and with the added 'half lacy' cup adds the right amount of sexiness! For me, this bra fits perfectly and makes my breast look rounder and more full without any need of 'chicken fillets'.

Enigma Navy Suspender Brief - £16
The matching underwear came with the little hooks that can be attached to suspenders. the pants were not too tight - even for my big bootie! and I felt more confident when wearing them.

Persia Burgundy Bra - £30
This was my favourite bra of the set and screams '50 shades of Grey!' This multi strap bra is a stunning pink which can be worn with or without straps. What's so 50 about it? in the centre of the bra has an elastic cross. The purpose of this is for the rope that comes with the underwear, and all of your 'tied up' desires can finally come alive!

Persia Burgundy Thong - £14
Plain and simple, this thong matches perfectly with the underwear. 

If your after sexy, feel-good underwear then the obvious choice would be Ann Summers - and with them having a 60% off sale at the moment, how can you resist!

I'll be doing another review on the brand very soon - but, with a kinky twist!

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